10 Secrets of Getting Confidence in Seconds

There are many ways you can improve your confidence in the long term, but sometimes we also need steps to improve your confidence in a short time. You can not walk to an important meeting while reading a self-confidence guide, or calling your mentor at the last minute.

So below I am trying to share with you some tips that can increase your confidence quickly in seconds.

10 Instant Ways to Increase Confidence
1. Smile

Smiling is a 1 second tip if you feel nervous and not confident. You do not just smile if you feel happy and confident, otherwise you can smile to make yourself feel better. Smiling closely related to positive feelings makes it almost impossible for you to feel bad when you smile.

Smiling more than just showing the expression on your face. Smiling releases endorphin hormones that make you feel better, improves the blood circulation in your face, makes you feel good about yourself and certainly can boost your confidence. You will also appear more confident in front of others when you smile.

2. Face Your Opponent's Talk

Just as with a smile, look into everyone's eyes in the room. Give your smile and they will definitely reply to your smile; And the smile given by others can boost your confidence quickly. Just like with a smile, eye contact indicates that you are confident. Staring at your shoes or table encourages your feelings to be hesitant and embarrassed. These tips are very useful for work situations; Make eye contact with the person who was interviewing you, or the people who attended your presentation.

"Eye contact helps you to eliminate fear if you are speaking in public and bring you closer to the other person. Stress is a feeling that comes from something foreign and can not be controlled. Eye contact gives the speaker an idea of reality that is none other than the other person. Eye contact also helps to attract the interest of the other person. "(Confident Eye Contact, Unlimited Confidence)

3. Change the Sound In Yourself

Most of us have an inner voice that says we are stupid, inadequate, too fat, thin, noisy, quiet, etc. The ability to change your inner voice is the key to gaining confidence from within. Make your inner voice a support friend who knows you best and knows your talents, and wants you to achieve the best.

4. Forget the Standards of Others

Regardless of the situation that makes you experience a confident crisis, you can help yourself by sticking to the standards you have. Others have different values with you, and no matter how hard you try, you can never satisfy everyone at all times. Do not worry if people call you fat, thin, lazy, boring, stingy, silly, etc .. Stand by the standards you have, not the standards that others have. Remember that the values and standards generally differ in society; You do not have to accept those values and standards just because the people around you accept them.

5. Tamperah Serapih Maybe

Although you only have a little time, go to the bathroom to make sure you look neat. Comb your hair, wash your face, fix your makeup, straighten your collar, make sure there is no food left on your teeth. All of these things can make the difference between confidence in your appearance and your fear of your appearance.

"Improve your physical appearance; It is a fact that one's appearance plays an important role in building self-esteem. Although we know what we have in us that is important, your physical appearance determines the person's impression of you. "(Building Blocks to Self-Confidence, Complete Wellbeing)

6. Pray or Meditate for a moment

If you believe in the Almighty, saying a prayer can increase your confidence (you can also do meditation other than praying). This step helps you to retreat momentarily from the fast-paced situation and seek help from the Almighty. Here is an example of prayer, but you can write something similar to your religion or belief:
"My God, thank you for loving me and accepting me for what it is ... help me to do the same thing .. and help me to grow up to be according to Your will so that my confidence will increase; All for the glory of your name and not my name. Thank you for listening and answering my prayer. Amen. "(Daily Encounter, Strengthen Your Self-Confidence, Acts International)

7. Rework

If something happens beyond your expectations, it's pretty easy to shake your confidence. Maybe you spilled your drink, was late in an important meeting because of a traffic jam, or someone you want to talk to give a cold response. Try to "rearrange" the situation and place it in a more positive situation. Often an event becomes negative because of our own perception.

8. Determine Your Next Step

If you are not sure what to do, find a simple step that will help you move on. This may be done by making eye contact at a party, introducing yourself to a stranger, breaking the ice in a meeting, or asking the person who is interviewing you to show your knowledge of the industry and their company.

Begin to act even if you do not have a clear picture of what you should do. Move towards your goal. Correct yourself on another occasion.

9. Speak Slowly

A simple tip to make you look or become more confident is to speak slowly. If you talk too fast, you will feel bad because you realize you are talking too fast. Talk slowly gives you a chance to think about what you will say next. If you're talking or doing a presentation, stop for a moment at the end of a phrase or sentence to help others digest what you say.

Speaking slowly shows one's confidence. A person who feels unworthy of being heard will speak quickly, because he does not want to make others wait for things that are not worth listening to.

10. Take Part

Have you ever sat all day in the classroom or in a meeting without saying a word? Have you ever gone out with your friends at night where your friends talk happily while you just sit and stare at your drink? The odds are that you feel less confident at the moment - and you may feel even more uncomfortable after that night. Whatever your situation, try to take part. Although you feel that there is not much you can say, your thoughts and perspectives are very valuable to those around you.

By trying to speak at least once in each group discussion, you will become a better speaker, more confident in expressing your thoughts, and being known as a leader by your peers.

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