18 Powerful Ways to Increase Your IQ

1. Breath Rates Deeply

By breathing through your nose you can improve your brain function quickly. Taking a deep breath gives more oxygen intake to your blood, and certainly to your brain. Low oxygen levels in your blood will reduce your brain function. If you are interested, you can try to do breathing exercise.

2. Journalize.

Catharine M. Cox, a book writer, once studied the habits of 300 geniuses - such as Isaac Newton, Einstein, and Thomas Jefferson - and found that all those geniuses were diligent journalists or diaries. Also, remember that Thomas Edison wrote his 3 million pages of notes, letters, and personal thoughts in hundreds of private journals throughout his life.

3. Learn as Might as Possible.

When we learn new things, we create new parts of the flow of neural currents in our brain. The "smart" person is someone who has more streams than others. The human brain creates a flow of neural currents by learning new things; And the more variety of things learned, the more "clever" our brains are.

4. Learn Fast Reading.

Photo Reading is a very easy-to-learn technique that will help you process large amounts of written information faster and help you remember the information better than traditional methods taught in schools.

Although most fast reading techniques teach you how to move your eyes faster on every page you read, Photo Reading is a reading system that teaches you to use your conscious and subconscious mind when reading. Basically, Photo Reading can be done using some reading material that is easy to read by applying several different techniques every time. The first material involves your conscious mind and uses other methods to improve your memory and understand the material.

5. Take a Short Time to Rest Periodically.

Learn for 20 minutes then take time to rest briefly. This method is effective because the things you learn at the beginning and end of your study session will last longer in your memory. You can download (download) Motivator Software for free so that every 20 minutes will appear a message on your computer that reminds you to rest.

6. Use Acronyms to Remember Information.

An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letter of each word. This memory method will help you to learn the information in large quantities in a short time. For example, "Every Good Boy Does Fine" is an acronym often used by musicians to remember the tone in a particular key.

7. Breakfast.

Breakfast has been shown to improve concentration, problem-solving skills, mental performance, memory, and mood. Breakfast is the first opportunity for the body to refill glucose levels after an 8 to 12 hour period without food. Glucose is the main source of energy for your body.

8. Use Your Body to Help You Learn Something.

Body movement is a key process in the development and learning process. Brain Gym (Sports Brain) is a simple exercise program, developed over 25 years by educational specialists, Dr. Paul Dennison. Brain Gym can help you in the following matters:
- Understanding
- Concentration
- Think abstractly
- Memory
- Mental exhaustion
- Ability to complete the task
- Physical balance and coordination

Click here to find 3 Brain Gym exercises you can do ("Brain Buttons", "Cross Crawl", and Hook Ups ").

9. Meditation.

Neuropsychologists say that meditation can change your brain structure. MRI scans from meditators show more brain activity in your brain circuits, especially in paying attention to something. When disturbing voices are heard on meditators who are through the MRI Scan, they have little effect on areas within their brains that involve emotions and decision-making processes compared to those who are not meditating or less experienced meditators.

10. Stay away from foods that contain sugar.

Any carbohydrates - like pasta, white bread and potato chips - can make you feel tired and lazy. The effect of eating these foods will make you hard to think clearly. This is the result of the insulin that flows in your blood to ward off too high sugar levels.
11. Your Emotional Intelligence (EI) Exercise.

Over the years the public has given much emphasis on aspects of intelligence, such as the ability to think logically, mathematically, understanding space, analogy, verbal, and others. However, over the past few years, many people feel they are wasting their potential by thinking, acting, and communicating in ways that hinder their chances of success. Emotional intelligence is recognized as a physical meta ability that enables you to leverage your abilities and talents optimally. Take the emotional intelligence test here.

12. Make the Most of Your Time.

Take advantage of every time, for example when you use public transportation or queuing up, productively. Solve crossword puzzles or Sudoku while waiting in line and listen to audio programs when using public transport.

13. Jogging.

An expert explains that you can improve your mood, prevent memory loss, sharpen your intelligence, and work better just by working on your heart rate and sweating. Scientific evidence shows that aerobic exercise reshapes our brains to achieve optimal performance.

14. Train All Your Senses.

Scientists have found that the human brain learns most effectively through activities that involve multiple senses. Children and adults learn very well when they learn through activities that involve sight, sound, emotion, reciprocity, space orientation, and even the sense of taste and taste.

Mike Adams, a book author, explains in his book that a child given the definition of "without weight" verbally gets information about the word through 1 dimension: hearing. If you show a movie child about an astronaut floating in space when you say "no weight", you are giving the word information in two dimensions; Where the child sees and hears the word. And if you tell the boy to jump on the trampoline and shout "no weight" when the child is in the air, that sense of the word will be embedded deeper in his brain.

15. Train Your Alpha Brain Waves.

The study found that the ideal condition for learning is when the brain is in a relaxed state, but remains focused and awake. In this state of the brain waves run about 8 to 12 cycles per second, known as the alpha condition.

16. Consume Antioxidants.

Antioxidants protect your body's cells, including your brain cells. Some foods with high antioxidant content include: raisins, blueberries, blackberries, garlic, cranberries, strawberries, spinach, and raspberries.

17. Use Your Intuition.

Learn to use intuition into a process of gathering information. By relying on your intuition, you expand your vigilance and direct you to your subconscious to gather information from your surroundings.

18. Use the Memory Assistant System.

The memory assistant system, or what is known as the numeric object system, is a technique for remembering lists. This system works by remembering a list of words that can easily be "linked" to the numbers represented by those words. (1-10, 1-100, and so on). That's your memory. If you have to remember a list in a short period of time, each item on the list can be matched with matching numbers. After you have memorized the numbers, you can use the same number repeatedly each time you need to remember something.

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