For You Are Not He, So Accept Who You Are

We often see how the lives of others feel so much fun and so easy to live. All looks are always fine for them and always feel great on our view. This is not only felt by those we are only idolized, but in other people who are ordinary and are in our immediate environment though.

Actually having such feelings is not a big problem, as long as it is still within a reasonable dose. But if it turns out we have excessive in doing so, then this could be a disturbing and even a problem in our lives.

Do not overdo it when judging someone

When we marvel at someone, we will often want us to be in their position. In fact we will always assume that everything they have is so fun and their life can run smoothly without a hitch at all. This is a mistake, because in reality everyone has problems and obstacles in their lives, but we often do not see that in real time. It could be that someone has a very good ability to deal with his problems, so we never see or find any difficulties in their lives.

But on the other hand, we may be someone with a slightly narrow mindset that is so easy and fragile when faced with life's problems and challenges. Often give in to the circumstances and just dream for a situation much better than now, one of them by putting yourself into someone with a more pleasant life. Things like this will make us never face the problems we experience, because we are too busy "enjoy" what others have in life.

They are also ordinary human beings like us, so do not assume that they are always okay without a problem or obstacle in their lives. Their way of confronting these troublesome problems then becomes a deeper value within them, which we may never have planted within ourselves to this day. Remember you are not him, so do not ever think to have the same way of life.
We can if we want to

Whatever the conditions we are experiencing today, of course it is a thing to be grateful for. No need to complain and feel yourself to be the most unfortunate person in the world, so that everyone else becomes someone far more fortunate than ourselves. This is a wrong mindset and must be abandoned soon.

Look at the success of others as a motivation for our success, do not just look at it and dream if we become them now, but on the other side we do nothing to make it happen. If we want a success, then do whatever will get us there. No need to feel inferior and feel unable to do that, because if we want, then we will be able.

Life is not a complaint or just a fantasy that is passed in a fairy tale, but this is a reality, where you become someone who has a whole personal life like other people around you, and reminded once again, you are not him so do not ever think to be the same with other people, because every human have their own life and problem.
Hopefully this article can help and give lessons to us so as not to get lost in the happy life of others. If you want to get happiness fight and face all the problems that happen in our life. When we strive to be ourselves, God willing we will get happiness for ourselves and without needing to be someone else.

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