Kartini as a Respect for Women

My disagreements about harassment and violence against women argue for the common good with respect to self-esteem and social behavior for all women around the world. Women who should be loved are given love and given attention, do not even abused or degraded their pride as humans who have no self-esteem or humans who have no humanity norms. Respect is given to to all women in the world without exception and in particular is for a mother.

I strongly agree with the Kartini Day celebration, because it can create and reward a woman. On the other side of the sacrifice made a figure of a (RadenAjeng) R.A Kartini can form a personality of an independent woman and also can give the fighting spirit to move forward. Being a woman who is tough in the face of the development of an increasingly advanced era without reducing respect for a man.

The figure of the woman who desires her glory and kindness in all things. The side that gives comfort to the people around it belongs to a small, prosperous family. Selfless and sincerely giving endless affection to everyone near him. Energizer, motivator. In his step always pray always motivate, always give the spirit that never stop to advance the privilege of a woman.

Kartini who once only followed a man because of the nature of a woman who can only take care of the child, do homework, and should not be a career woman, or a woman who can be independent for his own life, now with the emancipation of women who educate women to become An independent person without the need to adhere to the man beside him and without reducing respect for men.

In the past, women should not go to school and should not exceed a man's degree. Because of differences in social strata between women and men. I do not agree with that because women also have the same right to get an education that suits men. In fact now many women are successful and succeed in exceeding men. On the other hand women in doing more jobs can be more thorough than men. Women now prefer to be independent rather than having to hang their fate on others. As with work, women are also more agile and more able to take advantage of the time than men.

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The essence of Kartini Day celebration and also a form of appreciation for Kartini Day is gained by respecting and respecting women of the same degree, with the same rights. That way, women will feel appreciated and respected as a generalized. Do not even harm or harass women with frequent sexual harrassment. Much sexual harassment by speech or words and also by committing criminal acts such as groping certain body parts of women. Such incidents happen a lot not only among female students or office workers.

Workers also sometimes become one of the victims of sexual harassment committed by people who are not responsible. Not only in lonely places but also in public places sometimes sexual harassment takes place. In addition, sexual harassment from year to year began to increase Based on data from the National Commission of Women throughout 2011 there were 119,107 cases of violence handled by service agencies. That number soared in 2012 to 216,156 cases. People still see victims as the triggers of sexual crimes, because of the loss of humanitarian norms.

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