Procrastination, Attitude Characteristics of Fearful Folks

There are important tasks to be done. However, you can not start without first preparing prepared sandwiches, then make a cup of coffee to put on the workbench, even though you know it disturbs concentration. Is not this situation familiar enough?

The job deadline is getting closer, but you keep ignoring it and looking for excuses to delay completing the job. Procrastination is a habit that some people often do. How to overcome this habit?

Reported by the Independent, a user of the Quora questions and answers page throws up a desperate question, a common problem many people feel. "I was caught in a vicious circle because I was procrastinating, wasting time, easily distracted, and focused on things that were not a priority. How I am fixing this situation.
Another Quora user, Chua Chia-Li provides a popular solution. Chia-Li recommends suggestions from Brene Brown, professor at the University of Houston's Graduate College of Social Work.

Brown's idea does not directly answer how to eliminate the habit of procrastination. In the course of his career, Brown studied vulnerability, determination, worthiness, and shame. So, all his advice is always related to self-motivation which is the main problem of procrastination behavior.

In a video on the Inc. page, Brown said, "Frustration is the cradle of creativity and motivation. Without the vulnerability of how we can innovate? "

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According to Brown, procrastination is due to fear of failure. Wasting time is one's way of avoiding pain. If someone is not trying too hard, he will not be able to see his greatest potential, Brown said.

However, as Brown says, given the fact that everyone can be vulnerable, it will be easy to re-evaluate the reasons why we tend to procrastinate.

So when a job has to be done, it is best to start as soon as possible and not think too much about what happens in the future.

Studies report that completing small tasks can increase motivation and change the way people look at the task, based on the Independent Reported Psyhology Today page

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