Stop Looking for "Black Goat" From The Problems We Do

Have you ever heard of someone who became a scapegoat? It is true that the meaning of the term is not a person turned into a black goat, but what is meant is when someone makes a mistake, so that he avoid the mistakes made by him then he is looking for someone who is victimized so that the mistake is on the victim. the victim is called a scapegoat.

We may have some problems and unpleasant things in life. Meet unpleasant conditions or even meet unpleasant people. All of this is certainly very annoying, and even sometimes will make us so tired and disgusted during the face, is not it?

We will always try to avoid, looking for various reasons for the problems we meet but never really we face and finish well. We will also seek justification for present attitudes, including blaming conditions and things we dislike but always coming up. In essence, we will try to escape, again and again, without trying to face this life with maturity and calm. We always feel sorry for ourselves, not wanting to know how we are bringing ourselves worse and worse every day.

Problems and problems, is not everyone also experiencing the same thing and always meet him in this life? However, we may always see him without ever trying to overcome it.

Excessive initial reaction

Some people think that problem is the art of this life, because it will bring many changes in our life, whether it be positive change or negative change. However, most of us will respond excessively when faced with a problem, where negative impacts will come to light after meeting a problem. While on the other hand, we actually have an equal opportunity to think about the positive impact we can take from the problem, but we do not do that. This is the real problem.

It is these negative images that make us fearful, fearful, feeble, and even give up without trying to deal with and solve the problems that arise. We will seek safe, or even avoid and seek scapegoats for the problem. It will go on and on continuously, every time we encounter problems or even unpleasant things in our lives. This is certainly a wrong action, even a fatal mistake and will make us unhappy in living the life we have

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Problems must be faced, not avoided

Correct this and start changing the wrong mindset so far. Know well, that we are able and able to face the various problems and challenges of life that we experience. That is to say, so that the various fears and fears will not always haunt our minds and our lives.

Have a good sense of confidence, including the ability to deal with great things in the present and future. This will help us to always be optimistic and confident in our ability to deal with various problems that come. Take important decisions and have a positive effect on our lives, so that we can face independently the various obstacles and challenges that come in the way.
Never run away from problems and also the facts that exist and once again do not ever look for scapegoats, even though it is so heavy and looks difficult. Be assured of God's help and our ability to face problems and challenges, our lives will always be calm and comfortable.

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