2 The Secret Room at the Pyramid

The Pyramids of Giza allegedly keep two hidden rooms undiscovered. Both rooms serve as a place to store funeral furniture.

There are 2 secret rooms in the Pyramids of Giza
The allegations were made by Jean-Pierre Houdin after studying the data of an American Egyptian historian Bob Brier, combined with a three-dimensional simulation (3D). His search gave clues about the possibility of two secret rooms in the heart of the large building. "I'm sure there are two front rooms in the big pyramid and I want to find it," he said as quoted by Discovery News.

Both rooms are thought to be the storage of furniture used in the afterlife by Pharaoh Khufu, also known as Cheops by the Greeks. According to Houdin, the clue of the existence of the front room was obtained based on a similar room in the Pyramid of Snefru, the father of Khufu. Therefore, most likely the same design is also used in the Pyramids of Giza.

In addition, the beams on the southern wall of the king's room at the Pyramids of Giza indicate an abandoned road allegedly leading into a secret room and used by funeral participants as a way out of the pyramid. (Source: Discovery News)

Children and Your New PC
The things a little differently than when I was a kid. We were not allowed into the home electronics Mom and Dad make it work. Because we are in the electronic era and more homes have PCs than ever, it is important to teach our children how to operate “toy.”Toys, that’s what they see, while many of us see them as an important business tool, a toy the kids to see. Teach them how to use these toys are an important part, the younger they start the better will be better prepared and will be for the future.

My daughter, now seven, using a PC, since he was five years old and has developed computer skills are better than some adults I know. I saw the light in his eyes when he saw the things you can do with computers, fun games, photos and paintings are some of them. He’s willing to do things and not just sit and watch what I do. So like all good parents do, I sat down with me and her hair began to play, she liked it so he wanted to play all the time.

This raises several problems, one, I do not get the time I needed on the PC, and two, I always have to load in the game for him. The first problem is no big deal, I just change the time I spend on the computer so when he went to bed unless I had something urgent to do. The second problem is slightly more challenging, his learning Windows Vista. Things are a bit slow at first, five of his attention span is rather short and even shorter patience, after all I showed him was not near as fun as the games that they want to play.

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The only thing I noticed was how they were held after each session a little short, I was amazed. I will be ten minutes or so and he would sit and watch me show him some basic things they need to know to get a job and I can take a few minutes to show something new. It really paid off, it was not long before he could do all the things I have to see it for yourself, and anyone who has children know that their independence at this age is really starting to show. He did what he could do for me and that he did not need help to do see dad, I’m proud.

He does things his own now, making small photo, Barbie plays the game and even some expense, was a little scary. School really paid off, he loves computers and is very comfortable to use, not because it’s fun, but because I helped make it fun for him to take the frustration. He knows what he can and can not do, what program away from, especially Windows Explorer live. But I’m still cautious and I make a backup all my important files in case they accidentally deleted, but other than that he was free to roam and not its thing.

The essence of this is to share your expertise with the children, they absorb like a sponge. Create something new PC the whole family can enjoy and not just big people toys, it’s just a machine with proper guidance your child a machine more than you have to work one day. As they grow and do things you never thought possible, you know they rely on the right foot.

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