7 Great Writing Habits, When Creating Audiens Content Preferred

Every thing is there knowledge. Including, in terms of writing. To make great writing, which many people love, and even the talk of many, must come from a way, which is of course in a way different from the way people used to write. Because if in a mediocre way, already able to produce a good writing, surely all already a lot of people whose writing "best-seller".

Well, here it is, is a special way that has become a habit for great writers.

1. It's Not All About You, But About Them

Before you write anything, you must answer the following 3 basic questions:

For what kind of person this article I am addressing? (What age, what gender, what job, what interests, and other self-demographic data, what?)
What is the problem of such people? What are his needs and wants?
How can I help provide solutions to their problems?

I am writing for a career woman, who wants to lose weight. He wanted to be thin, to be healthier, as well as nyenengin husband. Means age is around 25-35 years.
The problem is, in him there is a mental block, and negative thinking, so less motivated. Also, also lack practical information.
So I will try to help him, by motivating him, through the stories of the same people as he seems, but have managed to lose weight. Also, always remind the benefits of achieving its goals. Then, give her the details of what good food is for her, and what good food is avoided, what activities she should do, how easy it is to do, and consistency, and so on.
What about your answer? Immediately find the ideal audience is how. Due to bombastic content, it is definitely content that suits certain types of people. Can not be content beauty tips, hobbies followed by street thugs right?

Often many people are lazy to read, if the writing is very long. But, it can be overcome, if indeed the content really solutif. Well, especially, if the content is solutive, comfortable read again? More mantep again!

3. Thoroughly Condition Competitors Before Writing

Ustadz Felix alone, before he wrote the book of Muhammad Al-Fatih, he first read about 40 other books about Muhammad Al-Fatih as well. Terrible is not it ?!

So even if you want to write articles about marketing, health tips, technology, and others, try to see similar writings, which already exist. You add what things are missing from the writing. Well, see also what people comment on that? That way, your writing has a chance of exceeding existing works.

4. Always Use a Sharp Sword

When you have just finished writing an article on your blog, or one part of your manuscript, or other writing, try to get yourself out for a moment. Stay away from your desk. Do not walk out, for a few hours, or even for a few days.

After that, try, please see again the writing that you have done yesterday, with a fresh mind. So, ntar you will find some wrongly written words. Or, there are some arrangements that do not seem good if compiled like that, better yet if arranged like this, like this, like this.

5. Customize the Language Style

Look at the magazines, why can be very popular, so often sold out? While any guidebooks, do not get the same treatment? Because, the magazines, using a style of language that suits his audience!

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See, some magazines, automotive magazines, PC magazines, otaku magazines, gamers magazines, children's magazines, each using different language styles. There are less comfortable called "you", more comfortable called "Kamu". Some are called "Buddy", some do not want to. And others.

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6. Be Friends with Feedback

Mas Hermas Puspito, a marketing expert, said that many products in the market behavior, because they start with research. Well, with research, we will be more confident to publish content. Because, that means we have a high allegation that can almost be said of certainty. Obviously, by Allah's permission.

Well, one of the unassailable ways, to produce content that is sold is, by fulfilling, what the target wants and needs. You can do research, to get it. Well, can be from feedback will your old work, or can be via observing social media accounts With appropriate niches, and so on. 
7. Always Write Writing, writing, and writing.
 It will sharpen you, to be more "sharp". After all, fans of your writing, also always waiting for the latest works from you. The more often you write, until your flying hours are high, the more often you research, the more often you get feedback, until finally you become more adept at writing jooss

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