Basil and Its Benefits for Body

Maybe we must already know what is basil leaves. The leaves are usually served on pecel food as a vegetable companion like the picture above. However, we need to know behind the needs of basil leaves are usually served to the companion lalapan, it has a value of nutrients and useful benefits for our bodies. Is it after we know the benefits of this leaf, Still we only make the basil leaves as a companion for the vegetables that are not useful? And still do not care about its benefits. Or we even think will make this plant as a leaf important for consumption. Inside basil leaves there is also a beneficial nutrient for our body. So that basil leaves good for consumption.
Nutrient content
Inside basil there is a good nutritional content for the body. Basil is a leaf containing beta-carotene (provitamin A) and vitamin C. Beta carotene plays a role in supporting vision function, improves antibody response (influences immune function), protein synthesis to support growth process, and as antioxidant.
Collagen is a protein compound that affects the integrity of cell structure in all connective tissues, such as in cartilage, bone matrix, dentin of the tooth, capillary membrane, skin, and tendon (muscle tendon). Basil leaves are rich in macro minerals, namely calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Calcium is important for bone formation and growth, transmission of nerve impulses, helps muscle contraction, and helps activate enzyme reactions.
Basil leaf In Latin, basil is called Ocimumbasilicum. Basil from English, ocimum means flavorful plants. Fragrant aroma of basil leaves derived from the oil content of atsirinya.
Basil plants can grow anywhere and tolerate both hot and cold weather. The basil is grown in the cooler area of the leaves wider and greener, while the basil in the hot region leaves small, thin, and pale green.
Here are the benefits of basil leaves for our body:
Improve immunity
The first benefit of basil leaves is as a plant that is able to help to boost immunity, this is because basil leaves have beta carotene content that can increase the antibody response, so it can boost immunity. Carotene beta content can also help the synthesis of proteins that support the growth process and can also repair damaged cells. In addition, the efficacy of basil leaves from beta carotene content can help to improve vision function.
Treating Panu
Panu is a type of skin disease that makes skin unhealthy or dry. Panu or skin disease that has a white color on the skin of our body, this is caused by the presence of bacteria and fungi. Usually it is caused by the lack of environmental hygiene that we apply, such as we rarely bathe, or merabat body. This basil has benefits as well as a healer for patients with panu. In a fairly easy way. Take a handful of basil leaves and wash it, then puree. Give a little water mixture of whiting and then balurkan on the skin affected by panu. Should be done twice a day.

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Treat Thrush
Thrush is a disease of the lips and tongue. This is common in the lack of vitamin C that we consume. Basil also has benefits to treat this disease in a way simply take basil leaves about 50 pieces and wash thoroughly. Next chew the leaf is approximately two to three minutes. Once smooth, have the basil leaves and immediately drink warm water. For maximum results, make a maximum of 3 times in a day ..
Eliminate bad breath and body
The continuing smell of the mouth and body odor makes a person uncomfortable to perform daily activities let alone someone who has a job that must demand him to actively speak. Basil is also able to cure the diseases above, basil is also able to treat / eliminate bad breath and body odor, by eating this basil leaves as often as possible, so that the content contained in basil leaves can help treat bad breath and body odor.
Explanations The benefits of basil leaves above will add to our knowledge of natural health. Plants are usually considered not too important it has a nutritional value and good benefits for the body. This additional knowledge to be able to make us to better keep the surrounding plants that can help us get a natural healthy solution

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