Beware, The Dangers of Latent Cheating!

You must have seen an advertisement on television that happened more or less like this: "Hi bud this paper" Rudi whispered as he tossed a crumpled lucek paper. Then the mind picks it up and writes something in the paper and returns it to Rudi. Apparently in the paper Budi wrote: "Want smart? That is why, study" And finally Rudi also caught the teacher who oversaw the exam, Rudi was just bias cengar-grin.

Ngepek, cheat, descend, and his friends is we have understood together, that it is to cheat on exams or test. The tricks, such as writing the answer keys on paper, desk, bench, HP, or severe is to write on the limbs, whether in the legs, hands, tau belly area and mebukaknya during the test, working with friends, Or greater is to open the book during the execution of the test (unless the ulanagn is open book). And I'm sure, I've done it, whether it's in elementary, junior high school, or high school until now. I hope you guys do not.

It is better if I may ask all of you, about what is happening a lot in our beloved country Indonesia and cultivate and possibly preserved by the people of Indonesia, either from the government class or even tire repairers though it?

If you answered CORRUPTION, I'm sure 99% of your answers are correct.
And when I invite you to discuss the impact of the corruption, then we have memorized by heart. Starting from hunger, drought, dropping out, and so on, it may be even worse. But if I get to think why their conscience can be closed alias petrified when doing haram acts called corruption. Whereas in fact in humans there are organs of the body named heart that never lie though. I take the example, when there are people who ask for the streets, what is the sound of our hearts? At that moment the conscience that arises in our conscience is pity and wants to help him so that his life burden is not that heavy. But someday there is a kind of heart cover that causes the honest heart is not able to hear. That cover is called EGO.

Then why do it still happen in our beloved country, because not yet realized that corruption is a harmful action. In fact it is due to bad habits that continue to be repeated and lasted for a long time. Because the ugliness is repeated, eventually become a habit that is considered good. One example is, when a child sees handcuff or kiss scenes on television, then because the act is repeated and their parent never watches it and corrects the bad deeds seen by the baby, then even adults will, That a kiss or a hand grip with a woman or a woman who is not his muhrim is not a blameworthy and sinful act.

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So, actually there is a relationship what the heck the same ourselves?
If there is a question, is not it the same as CORRUPTION?
I do not think I need to discuss more examples of this culture of dishonesty, ranging from cheating that is done in congregation between students and students and with teachers, teachers who are caught stealing about UAN, practice of buying and selling diplomas, and his friends.

So it is clear that the cause of corruption is widespread in Indonesia is because the seeds puntra-daughter just have done a small act of corruption called nyontek it from school. (How about if it is successful ??).

I am sure all religions no one advocates to do a positive thing by justifying any means. Success is where we are aware of our inadequacies and correct them for a time when we face the same problem can overcome them well. Remember!!! Not covering our shortcomings with the depravity of others. Be confident with our abilities. We can .. We can ...

"... Allah does not change the state of a people so that they change the conditions that exist in themselves ..." (Surah Ar-Ra'd verse 11)

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