Colostrum, Special Milk for Newborns Dandruff Destroying Life Priority?

'Humble' is currently the majority of Indonesian people are familiar with this term, especially for young people today. Doubtful, troubled, anxious, and depressed maiden seems to have attached to one term, namely 'Galau'. It can mean the narrowing of this word raises a narrowing of meaning as well. This time we will not examine the origin of the word madness for the young people of today. Therefore, we will take a closer look at what side effects will be caused by this trend that has become a trend.
The other day I had read an article that covered the topic about "knowing the behavior of Indonesians through the internet" in the end, they give the specifications of love, girlfriend, and upset into a popular theme in social media conversation in Indonesia. In just one week monitoring for 25 to March 31, 2012, love became a hot topic on Twitter Indonesia with 489,110 tweets [1]. Unfortunately the three themes have periodic interrelationships. In the end, from the SX Index search results, Yogyakarta became the city most often talked about the theme of courtship as well as the most moody city on Twitter.
What's upsetting? This question we can not answer briefly. There are specific steps to understand the behavior and traits that come with this upset blessing. According to KamusBesarBahasa Indonesia (KBBI) is upset at the meaning as; Busy hustling, crowded, chaotic (mind). In fact, some people often argue that upset is a bad feeling that is in the mind because we are confused either because of the problem of love or work problems that force us to choose something that makes us confused and make our emotions become unstable. This chaotic nature often infects young people, but it is appropriate to not only attack young people, but almost all ages can feel it.
Lousy conversations bring us closer to the issue of freedom versus loneliness, as Karen Horney once talked about in her social psychoanalysis of conflict and anxiety. In the book of personality psychology (Alwisol, 2005: 172), Karen also argues that internal conflict is an integral part of human life, for example faced with a choice of two different direction, or between expectations and obligations, or between two sets of values. All things that are felt at the crossroads cause conflicts within, as well as being upset. Regardless of the inner conflict, true turmoil also berangakat of difficult things such as anxiety within the self that often gives us fear. Basic anxiety is the origin of fear, a dangerous increase of feelings of friendship and powerlessness in a world full of threats. Therefore, if most people have experienced acute turbulence, then the symptoms of fear will always be
Will the turmoil undermine the priorities of life? Not long ago, I was sent a few caricatures about the trends of turmoil that infect young people now. As a result, Mice Cartoon ™ provides an example of a picture of the behavior when it is infected. First, a person who is infected is often upset to update the status of his social network with full lamentation, melancholy sentence, and related complaints about his personal life, unfortunately it is only outpouring of his heart. Second, to feel the most miserable in the world, when it was just a trivial problem, and as if the sky had collapsed, in fact there are still many others who have bigger problems, but not excessive like this. Thirdly, this upset generation tends to overhear mellow songs, thereby convincing them to dissolve in their sadness. Fourth, is the impact and the effect that would be caused by the chaos, the mental whiny can be a trend among the younger generation now, 'if not upset not to say gaul'.mengampamp them, especially on the decline in their confidence.
After I have observed and I have also experienced that turmoil is the basic allegory of neurotic people. Neurotic should not be interpreted as a disease of nervous disorders, but the tendency of people who seemed to never satisfied with his life. Naturally human. The search for neurotic glory is a comprehensive and complete picture into all aspects of his life as ambition, self-concept and relationship with others. Neurotic pride is an invisible pride, not based on the self acting in a real way, but based on the false image of the ideal self, according to (Alwisol, 2005: 178). Neurotic people who seek glory will never be satisfied with themselves. The same is the case with confusion, which consciously or unconsciously has brought us to the crossroads that the sense of gratitude for life has never existed,The result we are only faced with the problem; The choice of doubting, trouble, and sadness.
 The above issues should give us enlightenment to bring better feelings, moods, and behaviors. In fact, on the other day I was once infected this upset. There are some symptoms that I feel when I'm upset. Therefore, I classify the symptoms into six categories of acute symptoms of confusion, as follows: 
1. Demands on the self Demands on the self This symptom is a true example of coercion. People bring up the self-need that never stops. Human beings. However, when they have reached the point of success or success they still experience feelings of deprivation and demand to move toward perfection. 
2. Unfortunately, these symptoms sometimes escape the ability possessed. Blame yourself merciless (self-accusation) This symptom is usually accompanied by guilt from yourself. Blaming yourself can vary, ranging from incredible expression. Such as, feel himself responsible for natural disasters that occur, but the disaster is a test and a test for us from the Almighty (God) .
3. Insulting yourself (self contempt) This symptom is different from the previous symptoms, although similar but not the same. Expressed in the form of gazing, disparaging, dubious, defiling, and laughing at oneself. The young man may now say to himself, "you are an arrogant idiot! What makes you think you can date the most beautiful woman in town? "Meanwhile, the woman said that her career success was' good luck'.

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4. Self-frustration The indecision, and anxiety generated from the aggravation as if it has led to a deliberate delay in a goal. This is due to the increasingly complex and overwhelming choices. So it leads us to self-indulgence with taboos to defy pleasure. Self-torture (self torment) This symptom actually includes dangerous symptoms. Usually, this phenomenon encourages us to harm ourselves both through the mind and the physical. These symptoms are also merely on the previous symptoms. So that we seem to suffer from a decision, exacerbate the headache, injure ourselves with a knife if it has already experienced an excessive frustration point. Loss of confidence (self confidence) If all the symptoms we have felt, then this is the last symptom we feel that we do not believe in ourselves.
5. Therefore, we prefer alienation ourselves from the outside world. Looking for a more intimate, quiet, and silent place.From the above narrative we should look seriously. The hoax that has been a trend, should not be taken seriously. Everyone should experience that turmoil, because the process of turmoil is also included in the process of forming one's maturity.
 However, whenever the perplexity is routinely cared for, the loss of priority of life will overwhelm us. If, someone is overwhelmed, I have a suggestion for you-you all. First, increase your inner awareness, and consciousness instead of understanding our shortcomings but understanding what we already have for the moment and the future. Second, be cool when the turmoil plays, ignore it here in a sense not insensitive but we must ignore all kinds of thoughts that make us lost confidence and ready to accept the risk of pilhannya. Third, maintain the gratefulness of the choice we have chosen and always be grateful for what is given by the omnipotent (God). That's how my small analysis exposes about being upset. Hopefully useful for readers. That's it.

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