Desperate Or Trying, What's Your Choice?

There is a saying that life is a choice, so often we find that each of us is often met with two choices of IYA or NO, FALSE or CORRECT, WIN or LONG, DESIRED ASA or TRYING where we must choose one of the two options.

In this story, we will discuss the conditions under which we must choose to Despair or Try. Here is the story.

Life is not always as easy as people say, especially by those who have succeeded and reap a lot of convenience in life. For those who are trying and looking for success itself, of course everything will be much different and may be felt much more difficult than what is imagined. It is these things that often make some people desperate and give up on the situation, then let their dreams buried deeper and deeper.

Despair and submission to circumstances is a wrong act, in which all the struggles over a long time before, will be useless. However, there are always people who make this an option, even when they still have the possibility to achieve success that might just stay a few steps ahead.
Learning from the horse-drawn viewokor

This story may be familiar, and some even rewrite it as an illustration of the positive action that can be done to make the situation even better even in the most difficult times.

At a location on the outskirts of the city, a horse plunges into a deep, deep hole, no less than its tall stature. The owner began to despair and did not know how to get the horse out of there, even though he and the neighbors had been trying all day to scorch the night until late.

Holes that leave little room for his body, making the horse unable to pull off to jump out, too narrow and difficult to move. The owner shed tears by his side, while giving him a drink through a bottle, for the umpteenth time of the day. The horse was a relief, because the owner was so fond of him, even though he was exhausted trying to get it out for the rest of the day.

It was getting dark and the rain was falling slowly. The horse was silent, while scratching his feet on the soil surface that began to soften. He did not make a sound, because he did not want the owner to be troubled about it, while the night was still very long.

The rain grew heavier and the horse began to freeze, but he did not speak. Both front legs began to be moved to scratch the ground in front of him who is now wet with rain water. Little by little, starting from the front of his narrow leg, then began upward, until the bottom of the hole was wider. His legs are now starting to move freely, there is an empty space with a pile of wet soil in the hole. The horse was exhausted, but he did not give up.

It was midnight and the horse was still scratching the ground with excitement. Half of the neck is now visible to the surface, the base of the hole is increasingly raised by a pile of soil. Luckily the rain came, his thirst was not too much. He fingered the side of the hole that was now getting wider, reapplying his front legs to the softer ground. Scraw back and do not stop, do not give up even though his body has been so tired.

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Dawn came and swiftly leapt out, shaking his body as he tried to pull over the dirt and mud there. A great and tough horse, who strives strongly through a difficult and exhausting night. Even in the eyes of everyone around him, his success is an impossibility.

This inspirational story tells of a condition where we are faced with 2 choices of despair or endeavor? In this story the main character is a horse who is trying to fight without giving up to get out of the hole that confines him. Cold and tired did not make this horse desperate until finally something that could be practically impossible (out of the hole) could finally do. In this story we can learn that everything that we think is impossible can happen, the most important is that we should not give up with situations that seem impossible to do, as long as there is a possibility to succeed even if it is perceived or casted in percentages is 1% successful and 99% are failing. Do not give up before trying. Do it as long as there is a possibility of success even if only 1%, do it, try not to give up before starting

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