Earth We Will Have Two Suns

This is no ordinary news. Soon, the earth will have two suns, a depiction that is often seen in Star Wars movies. The news is shocking, the new sun will soon appear in the sky.

The supreme red-colored star of the Orion nebula, Betelgeuse, is predicted to approach and the supernova reaches the earth before 2012. The second largest star in the universe is thought to lose mass and is an indication of the occurrence of gravity and collapse and loss of carrying capacity.
When that happens, the earth will have two suns. This was conveyed by Dr. Brad Carter, Physics lecturer at Southern Queensland University.

"The old star has lost a lot of fuel in the core," Carter explained. According to him, this fuel makes Betelgeuse shine and survive. However, when it has lost its supporting power, this star will fall. When a great explosion occurs then the light 10 million times brighter than the sun.

The bad news, this explosion can happen millions of years. "This is the end of the star's history and at night it will be like daylight on earth," Carter explained. According to him, when the explosion will produce extraordinary light for several weeks to several months before finally dims and can not be seen again.
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