Family Inspiration Story - The Cold Boy Purchases Father's Time

One day, a father came home from work at 9:00 pm. Like the days before, the day was very tiring for him. Arriving at home he found his 8-year-old son who was sitting in the 2nd grade of elementary school already waiting for him at the front door of the house. Looks like he's been waiting a long time.

"How come you have not slept?" Said the father to his son.
Usually the child is asleep when he comes home from work, and just wakes up when he gets ready to go to the office in the morning.

"I'm waiting for Papa to go home, because I want to ask how much does Papa's salary?", The boy said.
"Why, tumben, why ask salary Papa all? You want to ask for money again? ", Replied the father.
"Ah, no pa, I just ... know aja ..." said his son.
"Okay, you can count yourself. Every day Papa works about 10 hours and paid Rp.400.000. Each month an average of 25 working days is calculated. So what's your salary a month, hayo ?! ", asked the father.
The boy then ran to get the paper from the study desk while his father took off his shoes and took a drink.
When the father went to the room to change, the boy followed him.

"So if one day Papa paid Rp 400,000 for 10 hours, meaning one hour Papa paid Rp 40,000 dong!"
"You're smart, now sleeping ... it's night!"
But the child does not want to move.

"Papa, can I borrow Rp 10,000 not?"
"It's night nak, why ask for money tonight. Alright, tomorrow morning. Now you sleep "
"But papa .."
"Already, now sleep" Dad's voice began to rise.
The little boy turned to his room.
The father seemed to regret his words. Soon he came to his son in the room. The child is sobbing while holding money Rp 30.000.
While stroking the child's head, his father said

"Sorry Papa yes! Why do you ask for money tonight .. Tomorrow it still can. Let alone Rp.10.000, more than that also allowed. Do you want to buy toys for khan? "
"Papa, I'm not asking for money. I borrow it ... I'll return it when I save more from my allowance. "
"Yes .. yes .. but for what ??" asked the Papa.
"I'm waiting for Dad to come home today from eight o'clock. I'm taking Papa to play the ladder snake. One hour pa, please. Mama used to say, if Papa's time was so precious. So I want to buy Papa's time. I open my savings, but there is only Rp 30,000. Papa said for one hour Papa paid Rp 40.000 .. Because my savings only Rp.30.000, - and that's not enough, I want to borrow Rp 10.000 from Papa "Sang Papa just silence.

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He lost his words. He also embraced the child tightly while crying. Hearing the words of his son, the Papa instantly fell silent, he instantly touched, lost words and cried ..
He immediately embraced his beloved child while crying and apologize to the child ..

"I'm sorry Papa dear ..." said the Papa.
"Papa has been mistaken, so far Papa forgot for what Dad worked hard. Forgive my father Papa "said the Papa amid his crying voice.
The boy just silent in his father's embrace.

Family Inspiration Story is very touching, it is a father has the obligation to make money to provide for the family. and also prepare money for the education of Children. but the time of the father to his son is no less important in keeping, educating and happy as an important capital for the life of the future Son

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