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Free Life Inspiration Story. Once upon a time, a child had approached his mother who was cooking in the kitchen. Then the boy handed him a piece of paper. His mother then received the paper and then immediately read the paper, It turns out the paper is a hand written paper by his own son, and the following is the contents of the letter:

Rp. 5000 To mow the lawn.
Rp. 5000 To clean the bedroom this week.
Rp. 3000 To go to the shop told the mother To keep the sister when the mother spending Rp. 5000.
Rp. 1000 To take out the trash.
Rp. 3000 For good value.
Rp. 3000 To clean and sweep the page.
So today the mother must pay Rp. 25000 to me.
After reading the letter, then the mother looked at his son's face with hope. Then it flashed past memories in her mind. Then the mother picked up a pen, then turned the paper over. and he wrote a few sentences, after which the paper was returned to his son. The reply letter that his mother made for his son is like this:

Cost for 9 months mothers containing you, free.
Fee for all nights mother accompany you, free of charge.
The cost for all toys, food, and clothes, is free.
Fees to take you to the doctor and treat you when you are sick, and also pray for you, for free.
Charge for all the hard times and tears in taking care of you, for free.
If summed up all, the price of mother's love is free.
Hi my son ... if you add up all that you do,
Then you will find that the price of mother's love is FREE
After reading what his mother wrote, the child immediately tears in his eyes and then looked at his mother's face, then said: "Mother, I'm so dear mother" and then immediately embraced her mother. Seita the mother smiling as she kissed his daughter's hair, and said, "ibupun love you boy".

Then the boy again picked up a pen, then wrote a word with big letters while his mother watched. The word is LUNAS.

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That's a Life Free Inpirate Story, we must understand that how much we do for our Mother will not be able to pay for everything our mothers have done for us. We will not be able to pay our debt to our Mother, if He asks us to pay for everything she ever did to us. But he does not do that, which he wants only one, that makes us as his son happy. So do not we hurt our mothers or feelings, or ask our mothers if our mothers tell us to do something, remember what our mothers do for us is FREE.

-Warm regards to all of you from see you on other life motivation stories and Success for all of us. ^ _ ^

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