Every blogger must have felt lazy to write or run out of ideas to write what (including me). But sometimes inspiration can come from anywhere and it comes when we're not thinking about it.

Here are some ways I look for inspiration to write all the articles on this blog:

1. Opinion

The quality of blogs most preferred by google / search engine is a blog whose content opinion / point of view from the author. Everyone must have opinions, including you. If you want to express something, your complaints, or whatever is your anxiety then there is no harm in it all you pour in the form of writing on your blog. The benefits of writing articles based on your opinion are:

Unique. Obviously, since this is your own opinion, then no other blogs are equal and this will further strengthen your blog's SEO.
Relevant. It's very easy to generate articles that are relevant to any topic if the content is your own opinion. Because all the sources are already there dipikiran you and you no longer need to waste time looking for inspiration from other sources.
Satisfied. There is a certain satisfaction when you pour out your own opinion and then people read it. Rather than buried alone, unfortunately if your opinion is not heard by anyone, why do not you devote it all on the blog?
2. Experience

Share your story. This is also one of the best qualities most preferred by google / search engine ie your own experience. The combination of experience & opinion is the richest content. That's why we really like articles that are in the form of sharing / sharing (including articles that you are reading this is sharing). Because each person must have their own experience (unique) and we all have something to share, whatever it is.

This means that the more experience you have, the more you can write and share. That's why good bloggers are bloggers who are already experts in the niche / topic that he wrote. If you want to guide then you must take some steps in front.

3. Ask and discuss

Simple, if you do not know what to write then just ask. Try to play forum / social media and ask your friends or others, what they need. What they want to read, what tips they need, what problems they want to solve (solutions), or I always start with the most basic questions:

"What do people need now and what are they looking for?"

Sometimes I also play forums such as kaskus and discuss issues that are happening in the community. Try frequenting the forums / websites related to the niche of your blog. And try asking some people what are they looking for? What do they need?

4. Blogwalking

This is my last way, if indeed all the above steps do not help, then it's time we rest. Enjoy surfing the internet, messing around to forums, blogwalking looking at other blogs and looking for inspiration to write. For example, there are blogs that discuss very interesting topics, but discussed clearly, or are still incomplete, or less spiced opinions and experiences, then we can make better written posts (not copas, we are only inspired from the issues discussed) from The article. Do I often do blogwalking? No, I myself rarely do blogwalking because most blogs are very public contents / cliches and even copas and not useful (everyone also knows). But there are some blogs that I visit regularly because the content is very informative and interesting.

5. Relax

Be patient, it takes time. Even if you have done all the steps above, the inspiration will not be present in an instant. Usually the idea does not come intentionally, the more you force the idea, the idea will never come. Just relax, it's better not to write anything than to force yourself to write, especially if there is no idea you think at all (it will actually worsen the quality of your blog).

6. Passion

Maybe you're so sick of this "word of the year": passion. Even I myself have tired of writing the word "passion" on this blog, but this is the most important key. Love your own blog, whether your writing is read by millions of people, or just read by yourself. This is a trick that I always apply in every article on this blog is "imagine if this paper is read by millions of people, what do I want to say?"

Never mind whether the result will be interesting or not, whether it will be liked or not, whether many will read or not. I always start with "people have to read this paper, therefore I make this article. It's a shame if I do not share it. "

If you see a variety of blog articles on the internet, it will feel very different between bloggers who write because of passion and emotion (blogging) with bloggers who write just for the pursuit of keywords / SEO keywords / headlines, or those who just write to get a lot Views / click / hit / earnings. Write it with your passion, your feelings, your heart, your emotions. And most important is love your blog.


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