How To Prevent Drugs Since Early

Drug abuse can be prevented and even should be prevented. It is better to prevent than to cure, or to take repressive action. Precisely this is the role of parents or family is very important in the prevention of drug abuse in children. Here are some steps parents can take to reduce the risk of drug abuse.

The Role of Parents in Preventing Drugs Early
1. Learn Drug Problems
You can not prevent it, if you tick know what you are trying to prevent it. Take the opportunity to study drug problems. By reading, listening to lectures, discussing, and discussing drug issues in magazines, newspapers, or on television and radio programs. You must understand the types of drugs and the dangers of using drugs that we will later convey to our children as a process of education about drugs.
2. Teaching Children about Drug Problems
Generally children and teenagers receive information about drugs from outside the home, mostly from peers. It is very dangerous when the child knows something new only halfway. I say half-half because usually the child just tau delicious just do not understand the impact caused by drug abuse. For that parents need to teach about drugs in detai to the child so that children understand intact and able to take the right steps.
3. Prohibit Drug Use
Prohibit children from using any type of drug, including cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, and this should be a family law. You (parents) should be able to model children not to consume these things. In addition the Child must understand the following clearly.
Must be specific; Explain the prohibition rules on drugs. Discuss the consequences if it violates the rules; What is the law; How it is done; And the purpose of the sentence.
Must be Consistent; Explain to the child that core performance applies anytime, anywhere, and anywhere, whether at home, at school, or at home to friends and elsewhere.
Must Reason; Do not add any consequences or other penalties if rules are violated. If the rules are violated act wisely apply the punishment in accordance with the established rules of origin.
4. Prevent the Negative Influence of Crime News
Watch what children watch on television. You do not need to censor it, but you need to take the opportunity to explain to him about the criminal news. The criminal news being sung on television is just a piece and a glance, it makes the child curious and will find out the information outside. Before that happens give explanations and information from the news. This can prevent children from experimenting especially about drug abuse. There are many reasons why the number of hours a child spends on watching television should be limited to 2 hours only. Broadcast information on television that encourages the use of drugs is one of the reasons.

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5. Be Careful of Attitude and Self-Behavior
The family is the closest environment that affects the development of the child's behavior. Children will imitate the behavior of their parents because children see the parents as their figures. Until the age of adolescent children will imitate the behavior of their parents so that need to watch out is your attitude and behavior. Do you smoke? Are you drinking? Or do you even use drugs? Hmm ... It's a pity if it's still you do. Do not blame the child if they later use drugs, because they get an example of such behavior. So, I think, be a good example for children. If you smoke from now on stop. If you like liquor, stop it. Love your son, your generation!

6. Healthy Living Patterns in the Family
The thing to watch out for in the family environment is harmony. Drug abuse is one form of child mischief. Factors that cause the main juvenile delinquency is a family that is not harmonious. Therefore, create a harmonious and loving family. If children get their own affection at home they are not looking for children outside who end up running to drugs.

That's a little tips How To Prevent Drugs Since Early that have been described above hopefully can help you in preventing drug use early on to your child.

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