New 12 Year This Child Becomes The Youngest Student In The Campus

Scholar Suryaatmadja or who is familiarly called Diki, became the youngest student on campus. The 12-year-old boy from Indonesia is so enthusiastic to face his first semester at one of the best campuses in the United States. Very surprising, is not it?

youngest student

At the age that is still equivalent to the age of junior high school in general, Diki has set foot on the campus of the University of Waterloo campus in Canada and will soon start his lectures there. Not just any department that he took, this boy even took a major in physics and became the youngest student throughout the history of the campus. This is a very rare thing, where a 12-year-old child has gone through college and received an education in a large campus. Although not the first time, the campus also confirmed that things like this are very rare in their institutions. Not many children who get a chance like Diki, maybe even in Indonesia alone the number can be counted on the fingers only.

Just like his age boy who is about to enter a new school, Diki is so excited, can not wait to start college and get to meet his new friends. He expressed his feelings that were so happy with the conditions and hospitality of the people he met there, even he felt all amazing and fun for him. Currently, Diki lives with his father in an apartment not far from the campus, so he can easily reach the place of learning.

Living in a new environment in different parts of the world, of course Diki will experience many changes, including a climate that is different from in Indonesia. This jogging and swimming hobbyist even has a special agenda to play ice skating in the winter, while in America who has four seasons, he said with enthusiasm.

Cultural and food differences become a challenge for him, because these two things often make him homesick. Diki admitted if his English skills now is the result of self-taught, he studied it since still living in Singapore some time ago. Diki studied English for 6 months, she spent a lot of time reading articles and watching English movies using subtitles, especially comedy genre movies. "We can learn the language by osmosis process, gradually and slowly," said Diki.

The reputation of the Waterloo campus is good, has attracted his interest to be able to study there. Diki immediately enroll there, shortly after finishing his education quickly. This child is so interested in the campus, so without hesitation he chose it to be a place to gain knowledge of science of interest in his choice. His desire to explore and discover new discoveries is to be expected in the future. However, being able to create renewable energies in the future is his greatest dream.

It is certainly very possible, given the capabilities and applications it has very supportive for it. Diki is still very young, he has many opportunities and opportunities to learn and grow in the future. He will be an example and a passion for other children, that all is possible to be realized, as long as there is a will and also hard work in learning.

The essence of the story of a 12-year-old boy who made himself the youngest college student on campus has opened our eyes that with any hard work we can do. do not forget to read other inspirational stories only in sipolos.

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