Purgatives are not a Solution

The lifestyle of modern society is synonymous with various instant preparations, not to mention coupled with solid activities every day without balanced with the sport. It is certainly very disturbing health such as heart, cholesterol and that must have experienced by everyone is constipation or constipation. This disorder is certainly very disturbing, because the stomach feels like and like that ever aired in Dr.OZ event that constipation or constipation if it is getting worse can lead to colon cancer. Continuous constipation leads to the habit of sedating when defecating, this can lead to swelling of blood vessels in the anus and eventually arise hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Or it can also happen the deposition of residual substances or impurities in the intestines and cause intestinal tumors. Of course this would want to be avoided by everyone.
In general, the metabolism of defecation in humans is 1-3 days, or at least twice a week. However, if the quantity of bowel movements is less or more, it is considered abnormal. Must be prevented before it gets worse. Actually there are many ways that can be done to prevent constipation, not eating places and often eat fast food, avoid foods with high levels of fat and sugar, always consumption of 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, exercise regularly, Water regularly and do not get used to holding back bowel movements, consuming fibrous foods like vegetables and fruits, and not over-dieting. There are various ways that humans do when they are already suffering from constipation or constipation. Actually there are some high fiber foods that are good for digestion if it is affected by constipation or constipation symptoms, including avocado fruit with 6 grams of fiber on each half of the piece. Then other fibrous foods are nuts such as almonds and walnuts that have a high enough fiber content. Furthermore, other high-fiber foods are wheat or wheat bread is very good if consumed every day.

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Various fruits such as bananas, oranges, apples and others are also foods that have a high enough fiber content. Vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, potatoes and pumpkin are also high in fiber for the body's daily fiber needs, in addition to consuming fibrous foods and consuming 2 liters of water a day, if constipation is still Never healed someone will feel the stress and stress is also causing the intestines to experience seizures and worsen the symptoms of constipation itself, and to take an instant shortcut that someone will choose to consume laxatives or other words of drugs to defecate. These laxatives work very quickly because there is a very high fiber content in these laxatives. But actually very many side effects that will be felt due to taking laxatives such as for laxatives used by way of drinking, side effects will be felt is the stomach into a cramp, it is due to fluid balance changes in the large intestine. The laxatives will continue to stimulate contractions in the abdominal wall so that the feces move smoothly into the rectum to be removed. Other side effects are bloating caused by contraction in the muscles of the digestive tract to increase the mass of the stool. Excess gas will also be felt as a result of too much fiber contained in laxatives, but this could add worsening constipation. Rectal bleeding can also occur due to irritation of the rectum wall lining when laxatives work to soften the hardened feces. If the laxatives continue to be used for more than a week, then the worst thing is the worse the sufferer of constipation, it is because the body tolerance will continue to increase and collect larger doses of laxative, or it could be dependence because long-term use can lead to a person can not defecate Normally because the intestinal muscles become weak and unable to function normally, it certainly can not defecate without the aid of laxatives. Like one of the laxative cases experienced by my relatives who suffered from constipation for seven days, he could not defecate due to heavy smokers and poor lifestyle. While experiencing constipation he tried to eat fibrous foods, but due to accumulation that has been long enough, it was decided to consume laxatives in the form of capsules taken at night with the provisions applicable to the packaging. All night his stomach feels mules, bloated and unceasingly giving rise

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