The Danger of Alcoholic Beverages to Health

Have you ever been worried about drinking alcohol being a problem? In an era like this now has many teenagers who start drinking alcohol like alcohol. Liquor has a variety of algal radar ranging from alcohol such as whiskey containing 40 percent alcohol content. As for examples of other drinks such as rum, gin, and vodka. In contrast to beer that only has alcohol content of about 4.5 percent and wine 11 percent.
Many people who do not understand clearly with the influence of alcohol they drink actually harm themselves. Liquor is regarded as the level of body temperature and gives a feeling of pleasure to those who drink it. However, there are actually adverse effects on health such as affecting the stomach, liver, kidneys, and brain. Drinking alcohol is actually very dangerous yourself. Most who like to consume alcoholic drinks is a young child. They are totally unaware of the physical dangers that will be faced. For example, alcohol eliminates reflex vomiting that prevents a person from releasing vomit. Alcohol eliminates a sense of self-control and wins one's sense.
Teenagers who make them become always want to know about what they have not try. As parents who play an important role to their children are required to educate their children not to fall into negative things. The most terrible thing if not quickly treated especially liver cancer pain other than Itotakpun can terganggu.Menurut I personally Drinks containing alcohol, especially liquor can lead to death.
Nowadays there are many places that provide alcoholic beverages.Usually like a night club that always provides a drink like that in the above. So no wonder if there are many bad events that are there. Drinking alcohol is the same as self-destructive risk Again the easy thing to be cured.If not prevented from now then the more illget.A negative effect of alcoholic beverages is very difficult to cure.If want to live quietly in the old days should stop to drink - alcoholic beverages.
As in the book of Internal Medicine Disease publishing mentioned that the consequences of drinking alcohol can cause epidemiological pain. The overall incidence of cirrhosis in America is estimated 360 per 100,000 population causes most of the illness caused by liver disease because most menkonsumsi alcohol and chronic viral infection. The prevalence of liver disease due to alcoholic steatohepatitis is reported to be 0.3% as well. In Indonesia and the prevalence of liver cirrhosis does not exist, only reports from some education centers alone. Dr. RS Dr.Sardjito Yogyakarta the number of patients ranging from 4.1% of the treated percent In the Internal Disease section within 1 year (2004). In Medan within 4 years there were 819 (4%) patients with liver cirrhosis from all patients in the Internal Medicine Section.
If women who drink alcohol can cause pain disorders. If women are coming months should not drink alcohol. Moreover, if you are pregnant should not occasionally drinking alcohol because it can harm the fetus that is contained.

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Many diseases are caused by consuming alcoholic beverages. In Elizabeth's book it is stated that alcoholic drinks will cause cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a condition of fibrosis and the formation of abdominal tissue in the ifus in the liver. Alcohol is the toxin that most often causes injury and inflammation of the liver. The next disease is Hepatitis.Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. This can be caused by an infection caused by alcohol and often found in liver cancer. Symptoms and signs of each hepatitis are similar but the mode of transmission and the results may be different. Bad nutrition often encountered in alcoholics causes liver damage. Hearts that require transplantation or death.
Because they have less fat in their body than women, men tend to be more resistant to liquor than women though if both have the same weight and height. One of the worst physical effects of drinking too much alcohol is the hangover that symptoms - Symptoms include dehydration, nausea, and headache.
In this modern era most people probably think that going to night club and drinking alcohol forget the usual thing.However, do not think about tomorrow how.Health will be threatened, often sick - sick, and body condition is no longer fit.Jika Do not want to damage yourself then you should not touch alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of mineral water for healthy it mahal.Min

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