Tips How to Find Files With Windows Explorer

This is all the time: Do you know that you saved in your computer files, but you do not remember what you named it or you save it. Fortunately, knowing a little detective work and knowledge of computers, you can find these false documents.

First, you need to open Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is a built-in file manager, the greater part of the Windows graphical interface. Not only can you use a browser to browse your computer folders, it has to filter, sort and search capabilities, you can use refine your search and find missing documents.

To open Windows Explorer, simply right-click the Windows Start button, then select View (or open Windows Explorer, if you have Windows 7). Or, you can click Start, select My Computer.After the Windows Explorer to start, you must decide how to progress. You can manually find the folders in your file stumbling block, hoping you can enter search terms in the search box.

While looking through the folders manually seem low tech, not a bad idea, especially if you have a file of this type is the general idea that creation is the date and the most likely location. For example, if you are looking for a Word document, you two months ago, (for example, that 11-month), you can use as a starting point of information. After all, you know that you a.doc year in November to find the files created. Before you begin random files created in November to consider the possibility of a folder, you will be saved, such as “working papers” or “My Documents.”

Now, enter the folder and click. Please note that each column label (name, date of modification, type and size). This column can be sorted and filtered. Click the File Types tab, the results are limited to show only to find your document (in this case, Word 97-2003 file type). Next, click on the labels of data modifications to sort files by date of last modification. Now that you know the file that was created in November, you can see from that in the search files, you need to make a list of documents submitted.

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A search box is also useful, especially if you have a general idea of the name of the file. For example, if the document you are looking for is a press release, you are usually the names of all press releases from the “homework”, such as PRnewproduct.doc or PRdecembercoupon.doc prefix, then you can enter “the US search for *. doc” box, look at all files at the beginning of “homework” has ended. “Documents.” From there, you can scroll through the results, find the appropriate file you.

Depending on your Windows version, when you bring the file in the results panel, the mouse, you’ll see a short excerpt or preview a document. As in Windows Explorer, search results can compile a list of other documents. Sorting function is a bit different, but. Rather than view the tab, find the “settings” option, and select the “first class or date of modification.”

When you use a lot of document processing, it can not be avoided, you forget a file name or two. However, if your files are stored in a folder, which means (for example, separate work and personal documents folder), and knowing how to use Windows Explorer and found that the false documents is not difficult.

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