Tips on How To Increase Concentrations Learning

One more month of students from elementary to high school / equivalent level will take the National Exam. Of course, to face the National Examination which will be held in April-May 2012, children should prepare themselves, both from the subject matter and psychological child so as to obtain optimal results. For some children, this National Examination is a very scary specter.

Not a few children or students who stress in the face of the test later. For parents who need to be done is to keep the physical condition and psychological condition of children so as not to stress because it will interfere with children's learning. In addition, especially for parents, I suggest to better monitor the development of children's learning. Is the child's learning good?

The most important thing in the learning process is the concentration of children's learning. Children will easily capture the subject matter if the child feels comfortable and can concentrate in learning. My question is, Has your child improved his learning concentration?

Here are some tips on how to improve learning concentration (Marthinz):
1. Eliminate Expenses and Duties
If there is homework (homework) should be resolved first so do not kepikiran continually pd when the learning activities take place. Identify the things that must be done / done so that there is no load
2. Think about the Benefits of Learning in the Future
To encourage learning activities we should be a little wondering, that if we are big will be successful so clever, big income, have a cute girlfriend, etc. Thus we will become more motivated to achieve the future we aspire to
3. Do not Overly Tired
Try not to make a schedule to learn with excessive physical activity such as sports, play all day, the streets to the mall, and others. If you already tired then bljr a moment can make sleepy. When coming home from school should immediately take a nap or afternoon and then waking up immediately learn a serious reply.
4. 4. Learning Outstanding Position
Learn not with the wrong body position such as lying down, while walking, while watching tv, while chatting, while squatting, and so forth. Learn by sitting at the study desk if there is or on the tables and chairs that make us comfortable at the desk of the school or college chairs.
5. Quiet and comfortable place
Avoid learning locations noisy / easy to remove our study concentration. If necessary, keep your room in silence. Tell people at home if you are studying and please not to be disturbed for some time for a bright future.
6. Find Out The Right Learning Method
Just try certain activities that you think can support the entry of the subject matter into the brain. For example while listening to music, singing, while around, while paper doodles.
7. Strategy Memorizing Lesson Materials
If you have difficulty memorizing / understanding the lesson then you should make a summary of the lesson that is easy to understand and can be seen / read-read again if anyone forgot. Can also make hub.gmbr-gmbr which represents the lesson points. Can also record our voice while reading the subject matter to be heard again. Can also make certain questions that are of the material that has been learned, and others.
8. Break / Break If Tired
Do not be forced to wear a tired body to continue learning because it is useless. It's useless if forced can become sick like; Vertigo dizziness, fever, body weakness, colds, and others. Any memorized lessons may be possible
9. Forget the Moment of Love and Girlfriend Problems
Why dating if your future is broken. It's better not to go out first if you do not have a boyfriend or make a deal with lovers lover for the promise of mutual loyalty and mutual support in teaching and learning activities will be forgotten.
Apart from learning methods that are considered, there are also some things we should know, namely the physical factors that also support the concentration in learning. When we really master it, concentration has tremendous benefits to our lives. Concentration can increase productivity and provide peace of mind.
For that I will also explain some tips on how to improve the child's learning concentration in terms of physical.
Tips on How to Improve Children's Learning Concentration
1. Drink Vitamin Brain
We all know that vitamins can do many good things for our bodies. If you do not have the nutrients you need, then our brain will have a brain fog. Sounds stupid? But it's true.
2. Increase your Physical Activity
If you want to increase concentration, then you should try to increase your physical activity. Regular exercise not only helps your physical appearance but also increases your concentration.
3. Reduce Your Sugar Consumption
Yes, you should reduce your sugar consumption. Consuming too much sugar can result in a harsh effect on your body. This will not help your concentration. Having high levels of sugar in your body system can cause your body system easily distracted.

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4. 4. Drink Lots of Water
If you do not drink enough water, your brain will become lethargic. Therefore, it makes sense to drink lots of water. Drinking water will help to increase your concentration.
5. Sleep Well At Night
If you want to have a successful day, then it is very important for you to make sure you sleep soundly at night. If you do not sleep well at night, then your concentration will not go well the next day.
6. Troubleshooting
If you have something in your mind, then it can clog your concentration until you take it out of your mind. Find someone you trust and reveal it all. This is not a wrong thing, everyone does it from time to time.
7. Getting Massage
I like it if my husband is massaging me. I do not like strangers touching my body, especially if my husband can do this without charge. I find that a good massage can always increase my concentration in undergoing a busy day.

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