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Lia (not her real name) is a first grader of Salatiga Favorite High School who just up grade II. He came from a fairly socio-economic farming family in an inland village + 17 km outside the city of Salatiga, as the first child his parents had objected to his junior high as his son went to high school in Salatiga; Parents actually hope that their children do not need to be hard-have gone to school in town, but on the guidance of their child's guardian when taking STTB heavy to give up their children to continue their education. Consideration class guardian because Lia fairly intelligent among other friends so reasonable if it can be accepted at the favorite SMU. Since being admitted to favorite high school on the one hand Lia is proud as a village boy is nonetheless acceptable, but on the other side is getting inferior with his friends who are mostly from wealthy families with social patterns that are so different from Lia's background. He considers friends of the rich family as selfish, less friendly, picky friends who are both from rich families alone, and arrogant. The longer the feelings of rejection, isolation, and loneliness grew tense and began to arise attitude and assumption that school is not for himself not krasan, but would come out embarrassed with parents and friends sekampung; Continue to survive, hard to no / have a caring friend. I am a village boy, poor child (compared to his friends in the city) blaspheme to himself. Finally really become a child minder, shy and as well as hesitant and afraid to get along properly. The longer the value is falling so that the burden of thoughts and feelings the more severe, to the point of doubting whether to ride the class or not

According to the rational emotive view, human beings have an inherent ability to act rationally or irrationally, humans are born with a tremendous tendency to desire and insist that things happen for the best of their lives and utterly blame themselves, others, and the world when Did not immediately get what he wanted. Consequently childish thinking (as a humanity) of his entire life, ultimately only the tremendous difficulty of achieving and maintaining realistic and mature behavior; Besides that humans also have a tendency to exaggerate the importance of acceptance of others who actually cause emotional unacceptable often blame himself with the manner of his nature and self-destructive ways he obtained. Think and feel it is very close and with one another: the mind can be a feeling and vice versa; What is thought and / or perceived for an event is manifested in rational or irrational action / behavior. How it is so easily influenced by others and strong impulses to defend and satisfy even irrational self.

The irrational characteristics of a person can not be verified, playing the role of God in whatever has to happen, controlling the world, and if it can not do it is considered to be stupid and useless; Foster an unnecessary discomfort (such as anxiety), not too ugly or embarrassing but allowed to continue, and prevent one from going back to the original event and changing it. Even end up causing feelings of helplessness in the self in question. These irrational thoughts / feelings are for example: everyone in my environment should like me, if anyone is unhappy with me it means disaster for me. It means my fault, because I am worthless, unlike other people / friends. I deserve to suffer for all of that.

In relation to the case, Lia is actually born with superior potential, she becomes problematic because her behavior is controlled by irrational thoughts / feelings; He has put his self-esteem on the wrong concepts / beliefs that if rich, all friends pay attention / support, care, and others and it is not available since high school, until finally blame himself with blasphemy and suffering and isolate herself. He has managed to unselfishly construct his self-concept based on false notions of (and from) his neighborhood friends. He became insecure, shy, timid and ultimately hesitant about the success / achievement that would not have happened.


If Lia's illogical / realistic thinking (about her self-concept and her views on her friends) is fought then she will change it. Thus the purpose of counseling is to combat the irrational thought of Lia who background of his / her devotion is the wrong self concept and his attitude towards other friends. In counseling counselors more nuanced authoritative: calling Lia, invite discussion and direct confrontation to encourage him to move from irrational mindset to rational / logical and realistic through persuasive, suggestive, giving advice properly, therapy by applying principles of learning to PR as well as bibliography therapy . 

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Cognitive Counseling: to show that Lia must dismantle the irrational mindset about the concept of false self-esteem, the attitude towards the wrong friends if you want to be happier and successful. More stylish counselors teach: advise, direct confrontation with rational-irasoonal thought maps, suggestions and asertive training with self-simulation applying true self-concept and attitudes / dependencies on others who are properly rationalized as homework training, observation and self-evaluation. Example: from a precious person not from wealth or the number and status of a supportive friend, but to God's love and manifestation. God loves me, because I am precious in His presence. To myself one day I am happy, satisfied and proud, but sometimes indifferent, even sometimes I hate, cursing myself, so reasonable and realistic if a number of 40 friends one class for example there is + 40% Which is good, 50% neutral, only 10% alone who hated me. It is not possible to demand all / everyone at all times is good to me, and so on. These ideas are taught, and trained with a scientific approach.

 Emotive-evolution counseling to change Lia's value system by using awareness techniques between right and wrong such as giving examples, role playing, and load releases so that Lia releases her irrational thoughts and feelings and replaces them with the rational as a continuation of the above cognitive techniques. Behavioral counseling is used to change negative behavior by changing the roots of Lia's irrational / illogical beliefs of reinforcement contracts, social modeling and relaxation / meditation.

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