Hearing the term Brain Waves may be familiar, Brain Wave Is The flow of electricity generated by neurons or brain nerves, in our brain there are billions of nerve cells or neurons that interconnect and communicate between neurons with other neurons. Well, every electric current generated by a neuron then forms electrical waves that send each other signals or information that controls body work like, learning, working, eating, drinking, exercising and so on.
Electrical waves are produced by neurons or brain nerve cells is often called by experts with brain waves or brainwave. In addition you should also know that the pattern of human brain waves is always changing, it is triggered from the state or physical condition, mental and thoughts of the person.
Brain waves will slow down when you are tired, daydreaming, and lack of spirit. In medical Human brain waves can be detected or measured with EEG (Electroencephalograph) devices, EEG can detect vibrations, signals and frequency of human brain waves.
From the results of research that has been done by brainwave researchers, it turns brain waves in our brain have a frequency with different degrees in each phase. The frequency of brain waves is divided into 4 groups namely delta, alpha, theta, and beta. While the speed of brain waves can be measured in units of Hertz. Here is a complete explanation of the frequency of human waves according to the type of frequency:
Delta Brain Waves (0.5 - 3 Hz)
 Delta is the slowest brain wave compared to other frequencies. Delta brain waves have a frequency of 0-4 Hz, According to research delta brain waves are very good to overcome sleep disorders such as insomnia. If you include people who have insomnia or difficulty sleeping can use brainwave therapy that produces delta waves, then your sleep will be quality and well maintained health.
Besides referred to as Delta Sleep waves can also be used for healing and health, because the wave phase of Hormone Hormone (Growth) Delta can be produced more leverage.
Benefits of Delta waves in the brain
Delta Brain waves are able to provide relaxation conditions.
Calm the mind and improve the muscles in the body
Able to add empathy to understand the feelings of others.
Produce HGH (growth hormone) naturally.
Can stimulate anti aging hormone.
Able to reduce the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone released when you are stressed.
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Theta Brain Wave (3 - 8 Hz)
 Theta is a brain wave with frequencies between 4Hz-8 Hz. Theta brain waves appear when you are sleepy, dreaming and sleeping waves of theta brain waves are characterized by slow and deep slowing.
Theta brainwave phase is often referred to as the human subconscious phase, because at the moment one enters the subconscious. Theta is the creative center of man, then when we are dreaming how creative our dreams are and are full of emotional complexity.
Theta waves can appear naturally just like when you wake up and dream, but the theta can also appear when using certain techniques, such as meditation, hypnosys, dhikr, and worship. Theta brain waves are very important to change the behavior and mindset of a person. Because under theta conditions one can easily access the subconscious and program his subconscious mind. Theta brain waves are closely related to creativity, tranquility, and knowledge.
Theta brain waves
To improve creativity and learning ability
Entering and accessing the subconscious to the maximum to change the behavior of one's worker to be better by giving positive suggestion or affirmation.
Helps stimulate endorphin hormones (hormones associated with comfort, joy, happiness and love) are higher.
Helps eliminate addictive substances (substances that cause addiction such as sex, drugs, cigarettes, and so on)
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Alpha Brain Waves (8-13 Hz)
 Alpha brainwaves are brain waves at frequencies from 8 to 13 Hz, alpha brainwaves appear when a person is relaxed and relaxed, characterized by drowsiness and sleepy eyes precisely during the conscious transition to the unconscious. Alpha brainwaves are excellent for reducing stress and depression.
Alpha Brain Waves can also be the link between conscious and subconscious minds. You can remember your dream, because you have an alpha wave. Blurred or clear a dream you can remember, depending on the quality and quantity of Alpha waves when you are dreaming. Alpha brainwaves are best suited for subconscious programming.
Benefits of Alpha brainwaves
Improve creativity and brainpower
Capable of producing DHEA Hormones (Early Anti Aging Hormone, and Enhancer Enhancer) more.

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