Are you feeling desperate? Are you feeling bored and have no life motivation? Do you want to give up? The good news is this article can give you a little bit of enlightenment, here are some advice, quotes, encouraging words and life motivations that can inspire you:

1. You do not have to be successful to be happy

There are 2 biggest mistakes of someone who feels his life is difficult happy:

Believing that success (or achieving a life goal) will make him happy
Continue to pursue / seek happiness
Once we get what we want (goals) such as wealth and success we will quickly adapt and lose the sense of happiness we initially aspired to, even often what we think initially as a happiness destination is not as exciting as we imagine , Just like a kid who wants to get a toy but get bored once he has got it, this is why someone is hard to feel happy, they feel they have to get something to be happy, they seek happiness when happiness is a matter of choice, a choice between happy & grateful Keep looking for happiness & feeling sad.

2. Stop belittling yourself

Just like no.1 we like to convince ourselves that if we are not ready or can not achieve a big goal, most people underestimate what they already have, judge themselves low, and think of things as "less fortunate", whereas with computers And the internet alone there are thousands of opportunities and options that we can do, if you appreciate whatever you have as bad as it is, believe that good things will come to you, otherwise if you continue to blame the situation then it will only make things worse, We end up looking at the world from the point of view of a "victim."

Just accept that this world is unfair, but at least the world has given you a place "to do something", the fact that you are alive and breathing this second also gives you the opportunity to change something, whether it improves your own destiny as well as others.

3. Stop following the expectations of others

Try to ponder for a moment whether what you have been doing is the result of your own desires or just a demand from your environment (family / community)? Most of us may just live to obey the expectations of others. Why? This is your life, do what you want to do, choose the majors / jobs you really want to do, marry the person you really want to marry, do something that you think is right and best even though it might end with mistakes and failures.

You were born to make mistake, not fake perfection.

Accept yourself

4. Stop believing that "money is evil"

Money is not everything but everything needs money, even money can also give you happiness in its own way, it is not our time to believe that money is a source of evil, perhaps more accurately said "less money" is the source of evil. Money is neutral, money is just a means of exchange, are not we very fortunate to live in the money system, things become simpler, imagine how much trouble we have to go back to the barter system (exchange of goods).

In fact everyone is definitely looking for money, the public figures that you often watch are looking for money through your attention, the blog you're reading is looking for money through your attention, everything is business, everything is give and take, work your best to earn money And prospering you and the people you care about.

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5. Focus now

Time keeps going, whatever you do time will not stop, so make sure you do something "worth it" because you pay for it with a time that will never come back.

When our attention is always on sale, focus is the most valuable ability today, focus on your own life right now, out there, there are always people who will take advantage of your time and emptiness.

If you commit to nothing, you'll be distracted by everything.
Almost everything on the internet, sosmed, YouTube, Facebook is a distraction, from hoax news, gossip, controversy, settings, etc., make sure you are not wasting your valuable time on such a thing, with the internet possible Now we live in the most distracting / diversionary of times ever, some of us may spend days watching something meaningless but remember the time keeps going, worse they are looking for articles / videos that can be worse Making them more soluble in their own feelings, they Spend time, suppress happiness, and procrastinate its own productivity by constantly searching the internet.


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