Benefits of Honey To Eliminate Acne

Benefits of honey for the face and acne - Honey is one of the natural ingredients believed since antiquity as a traditional medicine that has many health benefits. But with the advent of the era, with the support of various studies that recognize the diversity of honey properties, now honey is not only used for medication and health purposes alone, but the honey has begun to be used for beauty purposes, be it face, skin and to maintain the beauty of hair. And one of the benefits are quite popular is the benefits of honey for facial acne and greasy, how to?
Benefits of Honey For Face Skin
Benefits of honey for acne face has been proven by the variety of content in honey is very good for skin care, including nucleic acids, RNA, DNA and antibiotics that can maintain the vitality of the skin, making the skin always tight, smooth and elastic. In addition, honey can also stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, so skin tissue is difficult or dead will be more quickly lifted and make the face always look younger, slow the aging process due to free radicals to prevent wrinkles on the face.
How To Eliminate Acne With Honey
Many factors affect the onset of acne on the face, and there are many ways also to eliminate it, whether it be with care at beauty salons, or by using natural means. Where we have known, nature has provided many things to be utilized as a natural remedy, one of which is honey. In addition to removing acne on the face, honey will also treat and tighten your skin, in addition to applying honey as a natural mask can also remove acne scars and prevent skin irritation due to acne.
Benefits of honey to face acne you can get by applying it as a natural mask, the way is very easy. The first to clean the face of the rest of the makeup with washing face soap and rinse with warm water. After that you can directly apply honey to your face, but to get a better result, you can warm the honey first. Apply honey to the entire area of ​​the face, and leave about 15-30 minutes. After that rinse face with warm water. You can do this treatment 2-3 times a week, to get the results you want.
In addition to applying honey directly on facial skin, you can also create a mask by combining honey with other natural ingredients. For acne prone skin, you can mix a spoon of honey with a spoon of aloe that has been mashed. After you clean the face with warm water, apply a mask that you have made to the entire face until evenly distributed. Let stand 15-30 minutes and rinse with warm water. In addition, the benefits of honey for acne scars face can also be obtained by mixing honey, yogurt and tea tree oil as a natural mask.
Here are some ways you can take care of your beauty and get rid of acne with honey, but before you apply it on your skin, make sure that the honey you choose is pure honey without any mixture, so that the results obtained can be maximal and no negative effects if absorbed by body. Thus information that we can convey related to the benefits of honey for the face and acne, may be useful and inspire you in caring for beauty.
Description: Benefits of honey for the face and acne is no doubt, and to get the benefits, you can use honey as a natural mask or mix it with natural ingredients as a mask

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