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Lowongan Kerja Lampung - For those of you who are in the area of ​​Lampung and have not get a job, do not give up because for you who want to work in the area of ​​Lampung, we will provide the information for you. Lockers in Lampung is the latest locker that we get from various sources of locker info around the city of Lampung.
Info job opportunities Lampung can be your great opportunity to get a job that is promising. To help you, we provide the latest locker info that we update from trusted sources devoted to high school or vocational high school graduates. And here's more information.
Recruitment of Manpower PT PLN Lampung
Lampung jobs in April 2016 this time came from PT PLN which is one of the state-owned enterprises that handle electrical problems in Indonesia, open recruitment from PT PLN is intended for high school and vocational high school graduates with several positions that include
1. Operator Field Technician
With the following qualifications:
• Male, and 17 years old in August 2016
• The average value of report cards 6.5 (from classes 10 to 12)
• High school education IPA / SMK electrical engineering / Chemical engineering / Mechanical Engineering

2. Administration
Qualifications required:
• Male and 17 years old in August 2016
• The average value of report cards 7 (from grades 10 to 12)
• SMK administration or secretarial vocational education
• Height min 155 cm
• No color blindness
Physically and mentally healthy
• No fear of heights
• willing to work shift
Do not smoke
• Not tattooed or not pierced
For those of you who have fulfilled the qualification of Lampung job vacancy then it can immediately send job application letter with attachment as follows:
• Copy of legalized diploma
• Photocopies of legalized report cards
Curriculum Vitae
• Photocopy of ID card
• Fill out the registration form
• Doctor's certificate that states healthy and not color blind and normal visus
• 3x4 color photo post (2 sheets)
• Statement letter stamped stating that: applicants are not involved in the misuse of illegal drugs and other addictive substances, unmarried and willing not to marry during pre-service.
Insert your application file into the red folder for technician and yellow color folder for administration, then enter into brown envelope with the description "Recruitment of Bandar Lampung Working Guard". Send your application file to PT.PLN Cq. Head of HRD and Talents Division of Human Resources to PO BOX 4004 Depok 16400. Thus the information Lampung jobs that we can provide, good luck and good fight ..
Description: Lampung's job vacancies are a promising opportunity for workers, as the city has considerable jobs.

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