Traditional Medicine Wet Blood Sugar Disease

Traditional blood sugar medicine - The term wet blood sugar disease or wet diabetes is a familiar term in the ear of society. This term is used to refer to blood sugar disease that causes gangrene or wounds that are difficult to heal. The sufferers of blood sugar disease gradually will continue to decrease health conditions and affect the complications of other diseases such as kidney failure, hormonal dysfunction to glaucoma that can affect the blindness and so forth.
Traditional Medicine Wet Blood Sugar Disease
Wet sugar disease has some symptoms that are almost the same as dry sugar, but in the case of this wet sugar has more specific symptoms, namely the body suffered injuries that do not heal. And treatment for wet sugar is also almost the same with other diabetics, either with chemical drugs, herbs or alternative medicine. However some people prefer to use traditional blood sugar remedies because it is cheaper and safer. However, for traditional therapeutic treatments, it takes a prescription that has been recommended by medical experts.
Blood sugar disease caused by lifestyle factors, especially diet. So for the healing process of this disease can be done through a healthy and regular diet that is accompanied by the consumption of traditional blood sugar medicine. Some traditional remedies to cure wet gum disease are made from some natural ingredients such as mengkudu leaves, basil leaves, brotowali, god crown, turmeric saffron. Which to consume enough you boil with enough water and left half of the part. Furthermore, you can consume regularly. But keep in mind, always see the condition of your body and check regularly to the doctor.
Abstinence For Patients With Wet Blood Sugar
When you are in a blood glucose treatment program, it should also be accompanied by a healthy diet and avoid the taboo of foods that cause blood sugar to rise. Foods that can increase blood sugar levels include sweet foods, fried foods, cigarettes, light snacks and foods high in carbohydrates. In addition Bad habits such as lack of sleep, stress and lack of exercise into factors that increase blood sugar levels.
Tips on Choosing Traditional Blood Sugar Drugs
If you choose herbal treatment therapy, you can make your own at home or buy traditional medicine at the drugstore. But from both of the above options, making your own home at home is more secure, but you should choose quality ingredients and has been recommended. And keep checking your condition to see its progress. If there is still no change, then stop using and ask for a prescription from a doctor. Thus some traditional blood sugar remedies that we can convey, may be useful ..
Description: Traditional blood glucose medication is one of the most widely used treatment therapies to treat blood sugar levels that are above normal or below normal.

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