The Best Way for Metal Cattle or Simental Cattle

The business of cattle is one business that has good prospects, but to achieve business success requires carefulness and patience in carrying out it. There are various types of cattle raised in Indonesia from local cows, beef cattle to imported cows. Metal cattle or also called simental cattle are now popular and are widely developed by cattle farmers in Indonesia. This is because simental cattle are felt to be more beneficial compared to local cows, where currently simental cows can reach 800 kg for female cows and 1,150 kg for male simental cows.
Prospects for Metal Cattle or Simental Cattle Business
The prospect of simental cattle is quite good, because the type of imported cattle originating from Simme, Switzerland has several advantages, among others, with a size that is much larger than local cattle in general, has a higher consumer appeal. Being able to meet people's needs for beef and cow's milk is increasing. And requires a relatively short maintenance time, which only ranges from 6 to 12 months to achieve maximum weight, which makes the failure risk smaller.
The Best Way for Metal Cattle or Simental Cattle
Ways for cattle Metal or simental cattle are generally the same as cattle in general, but for maximum yields and benefits, they must pay attention to several aspects related to the maintenance and management of this cattle business. Things that must be considered include breeding, feeding and cage conditions.
For the nursery process in simental cattle, the selection of male and female seedlings must be considered. Male seed must have a large and healthy physique while the female seedlings are selected which have 4 fruit nipples, the slope of the vulva is not too upward and the shape of the udder is relatively large and symmetrical. In addition to health, the quality of care for cattle breeds must also be considered in order to obtain quality metal cattle.
While for simental cattle feed you can provide main feed such as green grass, tofu dregs, beans, agricultural waste, rice bran and onggok concentrates, and additional feeds such as vitamins, meniral and urea, with the provisions 35-47 kg of green plants , 2-5 kg ​​of concentrate and 30-50 grams of additional feed per day adjusted to the weight of the cow. And the last factor that must be considered is the condition of the cage. The terms of the enclosure that must be fulfilled include the position of the cage that must be higher than the ground with the basic material of a wooden or bamboo cage and having good airways and drains. For the size of the cage, it is better to follow the stipulated standard, which is 1.5 x 2 meters per tail for young calves and female cows, and 1.8 z 2 meters per tail for adult male cages.
Those are some things you should know when deciding to choose simental cattle or cattle metal cattle as a business. Just like other livestock businesses, the key to success of each of these livestock businesses is yourself, so make sure your readiness to care for livestock with patience and thoroughness in order to develop and bring the expected benefits. Hopefully the information we have conveyed can inspire you.
Description: Metal cattle or simental cattle have good business prospects and are popular in Indonesia because they are considered more profitable than other cattle.

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