AB Blood Type Diet Tips

Blood type AB is a unique blood type and the number is not too much. Because of its unique nature, the way blood type AB diet is also different from other blood type diets. For those of you who have blood type AB, you should be careful in choosing a diet program because the digestive system of the AB blood group is the worst when compared to other blood groups. What should you consider in starting this healthy AB blood type diet?
Risk of Blood Type AB Disease
One of the things that you should pay attention to when starting a blood type AB diet is the risk of the disease that you might face. This type of blood type AB is the most unique type and has a weakness that is a combination of blood type A and blood type B so you must be careful in choosing a diet menu, because if you choose the diet food menu, you will be at risk of several diseases such as respiratory diseases, infections of the ears, anemia, problems related to the digestive system, to heart disease
Food Menu Recommended For AB Blood Type Diet
AB blood type diet menu is a menu of healthy, balanced and low-fat foods, in the selection, AB blood group voters must be very careful because they have weakness in digestion. Therefore, it is expected to be careful in consuming milk and animal protein. The recommended diet for the AB blood type diet includes seafood and vegetables. Besides that you can also consume non-fat meat such as lamb, turkey or rabbit meat. Fruits are also one of the good foods to supplement your nutritional intake, besides being low in fat, fruits are also rich in vitamins and minerals.
Menu of Foods to Avoid in the AB Blood Type Diet
In addition to the recommended food menu, you should also pay attention to the dietary restrictions that you should avoid, which include wheat-based foods. In addition, you should also avoid fatty meats such as beef, buffalo meat, chicken meat and other poultry meat. Some seafood should not be consumed too much like crabs, shrimp and gorillas. Most importantly for the AB blood type diet program, you should avoid high cholesterol foods such as fried foods or coconut milk.
Thus, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to in undergoing the AB blood type diet, keep watching your nutritional intake to control the calories that enter the body. Also support with moderate to intense sports activities such as hiking, tennis, cycling or yoga. Hopefully useful for you ...
Description: AB blood type diet is a diet program that prioritizes the consumption of fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruit and seafood which is good for blood type AB voters.

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