info on the Latest Job Vacancies in Yogyakarta

As economic needs continue to increase, info on job vacancies is increasingly sought. Moreover, every person certainly has the desire to get a job in his area. And on this occasion we will provide job information for high school, vocational, D3 and S1 graduates who want to work in Yogyakarta who come from the Social Media Officer at Sale Stock.
Information about Job Vacancies Social Media Officer at Yogyakarta Stock Sale
Sale stock Indonesia is a technology company founded by Sale stock partners who have experience in America, Australia and Singapore as centers of Sale Stock, Pte Ltd. For those of you who are interested in working in Jogja with a basic salary of the UMR and a number of benefits and insurance as well as a well-being, we will provide job information available to you.
The position of the job offered for those of you who want to work in Sale Stock Yogyakarta is the position of a Customer service officer and social media officer, with the following conditions:
• You are in charge of receiving, recording and processing customer orders for customer service, which is done through FB, WA, Line, SMS or Website media
• You are tasked with replying to all coment and customer social media special reviews for social media officers carried out with media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ..
• You can choose working hours consisting of three shifts, namely morning shifts at 08.00-16.00, afternoon shifts from 16.00-24.00 and night shifts from 24.00-08.00. The shift you choose is permanent with 6 working days.
• Location of work in Jakal km. 5.8 No. 88 Yogyakarta, and you will be appointed as permanent employee after 3 months of probation.
To be able to occupy one position from job info, there are a number of conditions that you must fulfill, which include:
Man Woman
• Open to all majors
• Skilled in using a laptop or smartphone
• Can type 10 fingers quickly
• Patient and careful in dealing with each customer
• Have positive energy and high initiative
• Have a high sense of humor
• Preferably those who have work experience or sell online 6 months of work.
You who have fulfilled the job vacancy requirements above, can immediately prepare a job application letter along with curriculum vitae, photocopy of the last diploma, photocopy of ID card, pass photo size 4x6 through a predetermined form. For information regarding sending job application files, you can directly contact the Jogja Stock Office office located on Jalan Kaliurang km 5.8 no. 88 Ringroad north. Such is the info of job vacancies that we can convey, Good luck ...
Description: The latest job info comes from the Jogja Sale Stock Office, which is one of the companies in the technology sector that is promising enough to try

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