Know the Function of Muffler on Motorbikes

Muffler is one component that must be owned by a motorcycle. The function of a motorcycle exhaust is technically as a residual combustion channel in motorized vehicles. So it is not surprising if the exhaust motor is placed on the back. But along with the development of the era, now the exhaust also has a function as a pretty interesting motorcycle accessories. However you have to understand the function of the exhaust first before modifying it.
Exhaust Parts
Motorcycle Exhaust Parts have their respective functions. The first exhaust part is the Header which is the base of the exhaust that is attached to the motor engine. This exhaust header has a function as a connector for the entire exhaust body with the exhaust combustion system that occurs in the engine cylinder. The next exhaust part is the Resonator or also known as the exhaust filter. The resonator here has the function of reducing the noise produced by the combustion system on the engine so that the sound produced is not deafening.
Another part of a motorcycle exhaust is a silencer that is almost similar to a resonator, which serves to reduce the noise produced during the combustion process. This silencer is placed at the end of the exhaust and becomes one part with the resonator. And the last is the Chamber. This exhaust part is not used on all types of motors, but only on motorbikes that use a 2 stroke engine and serves to reflect the combustion gas from the engine. That's some of the functions of a motorcycle exhaust when viewed based on its parts. By understanding this part of the motor, of course you have understood the difference in exhaust based on the type of engine.
Function of Muffler on Motorbikes
Even though it looks trivial like motorbike accessories in general, but the exhaust has a function that is quite important to maintain the performance of motorized vehicles, which among others is to reduce the explosion of combustion in the engine cylinder room so as not to cause noise pollution and more pleasant to hear, increase engine power when the exhaust which is used in accordance with the characteristics of the engine used, and can reduce air pollution along with the use of catalityc converter technology which serves to filter out exhaust gases such as carbon to be more clean and environmentally friendly.
In addition to the increasingly diverse types of exhausts, making the exhaust function not only limited to exhaust gas filters, but also can function as ornaments or accessories supporting motor vehicles. This is closely related to motor modification, especially now that some exhausts have a unique and interesting shape. But even so when you want to choose the exhaust note the function of the motorcycle exhaust so as not to interfere with engine performance, and interfere with other motorists. Thus is the information that we can convey, hopefully it is useful ...
Description: The function of motorcycle exhaust is very diverse even though the shape is simple and seems trivial. Apart from functioning as a exhaust gas filter, the exhaust also functions for the aesthetic needs of motorized vehicles

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