Lucky Drawstring Cultivation Opportunities

Retreats are small animals that we can meet in the sandy courtyard. But now we may find it more difficult to find these small insects due to the reduction in sandy land around the house. Although small, these animals have enormous benefits, which include treatment. Based on the results of the study, retreat has the efficacy to promote blood circulation, besides this small animal is also efficacious to treat various diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cholesterol, high blood pressure, typhus and so forth. Considering the diminishing population of retreats makes the retreat retreat more and more likely.
Opportunities for Lucky Draw Cultivation
For those of you who want to try a new business or look for a side business, there's nothing wrong with you choosing undur retreat, this small animal is very likely to produce big profits for you. Its capital is small, with very easy maintenance, and a very small risk of death, making this business potential very promising. Moreover, the benefits as medicinal ingredients, make the demand for retreat always increase. For one tail retreat valued around 1-2 thousand rupiahs, of course it will be very profitable if you can harvest large-scale retreats.
How to cultivate retreats
You can do cultivation retreats in two ways, namely with limited media and in sandy pages. You can do cultivation with limited media with small containers, one container for one tail retreat, but cultivation in this way, retreat can only develop until the pupa phase. To be able to develop retreats properly, adequate land is needed. After the retreat metamorphoses until the imago phase becomes a dragonfly, usually mating and dragonfly mothers will leave their eggs in existing nests.
In order for the retreat retreat to succeed, then you have to prepare a comfortable place of cultivation, you can make a 15m x 12m house. and make shelves measuring 4m x 0.5m and 1m high, as needed. Prepare a plastic box and fill it with sand for half a part, then put the retreat into a plastic box and close it. Arrange the box containing the drawings that you have prepared on the shelf that you have made, do not let the plastic box containing the drawings be exposed to the sun and water. In order to grow quickly you can feed bread powder regularly.
After retreating to breed, you can harvest retreats regularly, there are several ways to harvest that you can do, namely by fishing using insect bait, kissing a nest of retreat with a straw, spooning to be sieved with a filter or smooth fuse, or you can push it with a stick. Such are some of the ways to cultivate retreats that we can convey, hopefully it can be useful ...
Description: Cultivating retreats is very easy, with little capital, very easy maintenance and demand that is always increasing, making this business very profitable.

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