Modification of a Car Engine to Increase Performance

Car engine modification is one type of car modification that aims to improve the performance of the car. The engine is the most important part of a car that affects the quality of its performance so that it requires the right action and treatment, including when you want to modify it. Changes in the engine also cannot be done by just anyone, especially every car engine has different characteristics.
Types of Car Engine Modifications
Car engines have several categories, from daily engines to high cc engines which are generally used for racing cars. When you choose to modify your car by replacing the car engine, then you have to choose the machine category you will use. This engine modification category is divided into 4, the first standard engine modification. This modification aims to improve engine performance and reliability by up to 25%. This engine modification category is suitable for daily needs, and in general the actions taken are replacing spark plugs, spark plug wires, coils, ported and polish applications, installing air filter systems, replacing exhaust systems, mufflers and piggybags.
The next category is heavier and less suitable for daily needs. In general, this category is chosen by beginner drivers. This category car engine modification is able to produce an increase in engine performance by up to 40% by replacing the engine innards which include pulleys, gearboxes, replace clutch plates, camshafts and so on. And one more extreme stage is the third category, where the engine modification is able to produce engine performance improvements up to 70% to 100%. This modification cannot be done by just anyone, and is generally intended for professional racers. This engine modification category is done by replacing the engine block in its entirety or known as the engine swap with the best engine type in its class.
The latest car engine modification category is the fourth category which can produce 100% engine upgrades. This modification is done by installing a supercharger or turbocharger. Both of these devices have a similar working mechanism which increases piston power by giving the air a boost to each cylinder which makes the combustion process faster and more perfect. With the work system, these two devices are able to boost the engine at a maximum level. But the use of this device will be more perfect if it is equipped with an intercooler for the refreshment process.
Tips for Modifying the Machine
To produce maximum engine performance, before you make modifications you should make sure the condition of the engine first, and do general tune up to make sure the car engine is in good condition. and considering the replacement of this machine is very influential in the combustion process, the fuel consumption must also be adjusted. Thus reviews related to car engine modifications, hopefully useful ...
Description: Modification of your car engine can be done according to your needs, both for everyday life and for racing purposes that are adjusted to the engine level category.

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