Treatment of High Cholesterol Naturally

High cholesterol is one of the most common health problems, which are caused by unhealthy patterns of life and eating patterns, in addition to lack of exercise, these health problems are also generally influenced by various unhealthy foods, such as fatty foods, junk food and fast food. This high cholesterol level can be lowered and treated, so it does not cause a variety of dangerous diseases. Cholesterol treatment can be done medically or non-medically. But of course it will be better if cholesterol treatment is natural, besides safer, of course it also does not cause side effects.
Non-medical treatment to reduce cholesterol
High cholesterol is strongly influenced by an unhealthy lifestyle, therefore the first cholesterol treatment process is done by changing lifestyle, of which is to stop smoking and avoid consuming excessive alcoholic beverages or food, exercising regularly to increase HDL in the body , but in exercising you should avoid strenuous exercise because it can lead to increased blood pressure, then undergo a healthy diet by not consuming saturated fatty foods and high cholesterol and increase consumption of complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.
Besides cholesterol treatment can also be accelerated by consuming lots of fibrous foods to reduce fat absorption during the digestion process, and consuming fish oil which is rich in omega 3, the content of fish oil is very effective for lowering high cholesterol levels. And during the healing process it is always weight control, because with the ideal weight condition, HDL production in the body will be able to increase.
High Cholesterol Medication Plants
In addition to a healthy lifestyle, high cholesterol can also be treated with traditional herbs. You can use some natural ingredients which are mixed as traditional medicine. Cholesterol treatment with traditional medicine is also not new, because this treatment has been preserved for generations and has been proven to be quite effective in lowering cholesterol. One of the ingredients that you can use is bay leaves and ceremai leaves. The method is very easy, by boiling 600 cc of water with 7 bay leaves and 30 grams of ceremai leaves, boiling the mixture until the remaining 300 cc. strain the stew and can be consumed every day regularly.
In addition to using these traditional medicinal herbs, you can also consume several fruits that are proven to reduce blood cholesterol levels which include avocado and star fruit. To be able to obtain maximum results, you can consume it directly without being processed with other ingredients. Thus are some alternative safe and natural cholesterol treatments, hopefully it can be useful for you ...
Description: Cholesterol treatment naturally can be done with a healthy diet, changing lifestyle and diet, besides high cholesterol can also be reduced by utilizing natural ingredients as a mixture of traditional medicines.

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