Definition, Function, and Types of Learning Evaluation

Learning evaluation is one of the things that cannot be separated from a continuous learning process. But in the world of education, this very familiar word is still often interpreted primarily by teachers who are implementing education. This is why a teacher must have competence in evaluating the learning process from the preparation of the instrument to the indicators to be evaluated. And for that reason it is important to know the questions, functions and types of evaluations.
Understanding Learning Evaluation
If seen in terms of language, evaluation comes from English evaluation which is interpreted as an assessment. Which is then described as a systematic process for determining conclusions to what extent learning objectives have been achieved by students.
From the understanding of evaluation of learning, it is then implied in three things, namely carried out continuously, before, after and during the learning process. evaluation is carried out for specific purposes, namely to improve the teaching process to be more effective and evaluation carried out using measuring instruments or certain instruments to make decisions such as tests or tests.
Learning Evaluation Function
In addition to functioning to assess the success of student learning and as feedback on the process of learning, learning evaluation has functions for several parties. The first function is for the teacher, which among other things to find out the learning progress of students, to know the abilities and weaknesses of each student, to improve the teaching process and to determine the graduation of students.
For students, learning evaluation has a function to find out the results of learning, know the ability to learn and how to improve it, and has a function to foster student motivation in learning to get better achievements.
Next is the learning evaluation function for schools, where the results of the evaluation of the teaching and learning process function to measure the quality of education in schools, knowing progress and quality deterioration which is then used for curriculum improvement processes and finally serves to make decisions on students whether they want to pass or must repeat to improve learning.
Not only for implementing education, learning evaluation also functions for parents and the community. for parents, the results of this evaluation function to find out their children's learning outcomes which are then used to increase supervision of the activities of learning children at home. Whereas for the community the results of this evaluation function to find out the progress of the school and participate in helping the school in improving its quality and quality by giving criticism and suggestions.
Types of Learning Evaluation
There are 3 types of learning evaluations that are seen from their function goals and scope. When viewed from its function, evaluation is divided into 5 types, namely formative evaluation or final assessment, summative evaluation, namely assessment at the end of the semester or annual program, diagnostic evaluation to find learning weaknesses, selective evaluation for student selection and placement evaluation to place students on learning programs appropriate.
When viewed from the target, evaluation is divided into 5 types, namely the context evaluation of the learning program, evaluation of input or learning strategies, evaluation of the learning process, evaluation of results and outcom evaluation which is the evaluation of graduates who have gone to higher schools or communities.
And finally when viewed from its scope, it is divided into 3 namely evaluation of programs, processes and learning outcomes. Thus information related to learning evaluation, hopefully can increase your knowledge regarding the world of education.
Description: Learning evaluation is one component of learning that must be done to determine the achievement of learning objectives in order to improve future learning.

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